Unannounced Crystal Dynamics game gets art

Some art and concept designs for what appears to be an unannounced, Crystal Dynamics-developed, third-person, survival horror open-world game has appeared on the internet.

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drdistracto7072915d ago

the third photo looks familiar...

infamous anyone?

Chubear2915d ago

I saw "crystal dynamics" in the title and I almost peed my pants thinking it was an announcement of "next gen" Legacy of Kain lol

UnSelf2915d ago

the world isnt ready for such an announcement of epic proportion as that

young juice2915d ago

soul reaver?.... i think i just sh!t in my pants

Myze2915d ago

Legacy of Kain...pff, screw that (not really, I like the series a lot), I want a new Gex game!

morganfell2915d ago

Unfortunately it won't be LoK (Best voice acting in a series ever) but CD has a legacy of great titles.

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osamaq2915d ago

this game was meant to be the next installment of tomb raider, it was rumored that the game will be an open world survival horror ..

wt happened, don't know !

theunleashed642916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

hmm looks very creepy always good to have survival horror games.

jay22916d ago

I hope they do a good job.

jack_burt0n2916d ago

wow so what eidos/square franchise is due for a reboot!?

BlackIceJoe2915d ago

I would really like the game to be a new Legacy of Kain game. That is the game I want Crystal Dynamics to make next.

Iamback2915d ago

Team that worked on Legacy of Kain is long gone, most of them moved over to Naughty Dog, like Amy Hanning. Even if they reboot that game it will most likely suck.

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The story is too old to be commented.