Weighing the Controller Battle

Kristina Meek of wrote: "Comparisons between the forthcoming Playstation Move and Kinect are inevitable. Both were demonstrated at E3 and both are treated as answers to Nintendo’s success with its breakthrough Wii controller. The Move, in a way, combines elements of all three consoles."

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ninpo142889d ago

im just sad that it seems natal *cough* kinect wont have any hardcore games.and no i dont want to go down a river as my avatar

Assumedkilla2889d ago

I'm sure it will have some hardcore games. I would be shocked if Fable 3 didn't have any functionality with Kinect.

kevek11242888d ago

Microsoft seems to be trying their hardest to copy Nintendo's marketing of the Kinect. Their press conference this year reminded me of recent Nintendo press conferences where they showed all their casual guns with a small mention of their core titles.

Move, on the other hand, seems to be what everyone thought the Wii was going to be (based on what I saw around the launch of the Wii)- motion control with a hardcore backing. I don't have a PS3, but I like Sony's approach. They're bringing in their motion controller and they'll implement it where they see fit, not going crazy and tacking it on to everything that comes out for their console.