WiredFans: NBA Elite 11 Hands on Preview: “Most Improved Sports Game of this Generation”

"NBA Live 10 wasn’t a bad game; it just wasn’t a great game. A quick glance at Metacritic, and you will see two main points in almost every review: the game improved, but just wasn’t a great basketball game yet, and NBA 2k10 was better. EA Sports heard these complaints and decided that NBA Live was not on par with the rest of their lineup, and that as things stood, it would require a drastic, groundbreaking change to attain commercial success and critical acclaim. In these ashes, NBA Elite was born.

WiredFans initial fear was that the game would be the same in nature, but under a different name. EA Sports assured us that the rebranding was to signify the extent of the changes being made. EA Sports is changing the game with NBA Elite. WiredFans had the opportunity to sit down with EA Sports at E3 and check out the game. The result? NBA Elite may very well be the single most improved sports game of this generation of consoles.

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cain1412674d ago

The controls on this play much better than past games.

blitz06232674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Idk, it's hard to compete when your rival has Jordan as its cover. I haven't bought an NBA game for the past 3 years, but just having MJ as the cover already convinces me. But I'll try to be more objective and see if Elite has improved greatly and become the better NBA game like EA's NHL.

simplyRealistic182674d ago

i certainly agree with this title, eas really improved the physics, the only gripe i have is the player models, they still look arcadish and nothing like a real simulation basketball game, Watch the video Below

italianbreadman2674d ago

But is it as totally ON FIRE as NBA JAM?!

cain1412674d ago

I can't wait for NBA Jam either. That game will be such a blast...

johnbknight2674d ago

I certainly hope so, the original was epic...

Clumzyagent2674d ago

I really hope these stick controls work as well as people say

cain1412674d ago

It's as fluid as skate but even simpler...

thegamereviews2674d ago

Played this at E3 too, I usually do not like sports games, BUT I like this. Very intuitive controls. ^Ben

johnbknight2674d ago

I can't wait to play it, it looks sick...

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The story is too old to be commented.