VGRC: Let's Talk About Sex...

Are games overwhelmed with shameless fan service? Is it a bad thing? The article discusses some of the pros and cons of sex symbols dominating video games, as well as what that might mean for the industry.

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basicsameh5142918d ago

sadly everyone here read sex any everything else was blah blah blah

AbsoluteZelda2918d ago

Let's not be so unfair to internet people. :P

playstation_clan2918d ago

this will hit front page just because of the S word

Panthers2918d ago

And the nice cleavage shot.

NumeroUno2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Yeah anything about a female, boobs or sex usually hits the front page harder than any "real" news.

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sixaxis2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

im not gonnna approve it, mainly because theres already too many topics among todays hottest news showing cleavage.

T9X692918d ago

Whats wrong with cleavage?

Ohhhh I get it, your one of those fabulous fellows ain't ya ;)

valanceer2918d ago

he enjoys swabbing the poop deck

ThatArtGuy2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Let's talk about sex, baby
Let's talk about you and me
Let's talk about all the good things
In the future, that may be.

Stupid Salt n Pepa...

Red-Dead-Roar2918d ago

where's the reunion?
aren't they broke already?

OneSneakyMofo2918d ago

Actually I saw boobs first then sex.

Red-Dead-Roar2918d ago

commodore 64 sex games

where is the hd edition ?

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Focker4202918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

I have no problem with sex in video games. Its a natural part of life and shouldn't be treated like its the plague. If they can shows people's limbs and heads exploding into showers of blood I think showing a few sex scenes isn't a big deal.

Especially if it adds to the story theres an emotional element that can come into play. I don't think theres a video game thats ever pulled off a successful sex scene correctly. It always feels disconnected with no emotions involved. Its been "well there he goes bangin that chick again". I feel a good sex scene can add alot to the story, but they've never gotten it right.

edit: As for sex as in clothing choices I agree with the article to a point. Is a girl gonna battle a horde of soldiers in a bikini? Of course not. But when a game doesn't take itself seriously than skimpy clothing is perfectly acceptable imo.

Anon73492918d ago

I was gonna write a comment with all the points you had but you did it before I could.

+ Well said Bubble

dizzleK2918d ago

then knock off the buff male protagonists too. i'm hetero, i don't want to stare at ripped guys. video games are fantasy, i don't need the insidious claws of political correctness worming their way into them too.

we're animals. period. animals want attractive sex characteristics. as a straight man i LOVE tits and ass, i'm not boorish about it but i do. most guys do too. get over it.

darthkai2918d ago

It's funny, I didn't know it was impossible for a girl to have a deep character AND display a beautiful body at the same time...
It's funny how the author thinks that the comfort said women display with their bodies automatically brands them as 'whores', and then calls us shallow...
It's funny how the women who obediently cover up their bodies because society tells them to are the ones we often consider intelligent.
It's funny how self-proclaimed supporters of the feminist movement are often the first to criticize acts of independence like expressing one's own sexuality.
It's funny how no one criticizes Kratos for running through his games half naked...
It's funny how self-proclaimed supporters of the feminist movement can treat breasts and asses as thought they were pure evil...

the_Predator2918d ago

Hey darthkai - I'm the author, and I just wanted to comment on the first two entries - I never did say that it's impossible for a girl to have a deep character and display a beautiful body at the same time, a lot of female characters do it. Morrigan from Dragon Age to some extent, Samara in Mass Effect 2... I'm not talking about revealing clothes or sexy clothes, just slutty clothes.

darthkai2918d ago

i.e. clothes you deem as slutty. The thing is, whether the clothes are sexy, classy, or slutty is your opinion, and it therefore does not change the intelligence of the girl wearing them.

"The problem is that she, no matter how awesome, deep and complex of a character she ends up being, will always have the whore brand right there on her forehead."

Nobody can force you to brand a girl a whore, that is all your doing.

P.S. it's cool of you to come and defend your article on N4G. Kudos.

the_Predator2918d ago

There is a line between slutty and sexy. In KuF2 image I provided that "bra" is clearly slutty.

P.S. It's not so much defending it, I just keep an eye on the comments and participate in the discussion. :)

Darkfiber2918d ago

I don't play video games to have sex, I can do that any time I want. I play video games to horribly maim and murder people and aliens and monsters and run people over with cars, cause that's something I can't do any time I want without getting arrested or killed.

I guess most people are ugly losers though who can't get laid in real life so they have to live out their fantasies on the computer, but if you're going to do that, why not just watch porn with naked chicks rather than some crappy polygonal graphic girl that isn't the slightest bit real?

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