Gran Turismo 5 E3 2010 Special Report sponsored by Simraceway

Episode 70 a special report from E3 2010 on Gran Turismo 5 and its sponsored by Simraceway. This is a very in depth look at the soon to be released Gran Turismo 5. We have exclusive footage of GT5 from the Mercedes SLS party featuring GT5 as one of the stars. Darin is part of the Sony Breakout session where they will release some new facts of what is coming in GT5. Shaun interviews Chris Hinojosa-Miranda an Associate Producer from the GT5 team. We also see GT5 in 3d with Head Tracking. Discuss this show with us here at our forums

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cobraagent2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

is gonna be so awesome!!!! November can't come soon enough


Kazunori fired the Tranlator-San?

EvilBlackCat2915d ago ShowReplies(2)
Ron_Burgundy2915d ago

GT5 will be amazing! heck, GT4 in 1080i looks better than failza 3

beardpapa2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

calling forza [3] a pc sim racer. you obviously have never played a pc sim racer like rfactor. Blows forza [3] away.

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GT5's physics are the same as Prologue? LMAO!!! Everyone who went to E3 said the physics are completely different after all they "SCRAPPED" their old physics engine so how the heck can it have the same physics?

Professional drivers have tested it, GT fans have tested it and those who go racing every now & then have tested it and they've come back saying the physics are magnitudes over Prologue's physics.

These guys are known to be Forza fanboys so I wouldn't expect these DUMB IDOTS to like anything GT5 related.

cobraagent2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

They tested GT5 in a Mercedes event with a Mercedes SLS We don't know the amount of traction control, driving aids etc.

ShinMaster2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

When they talked about photo mode they said, quote "Forza had it and now GT5 has it".
Last time I checked, GT4 had photo mode before Forza.

Same physics as Prologue? Who are they trying to fool?
Even the Time Trial demo that came out after Prologue had different physics than Prologue.
And yes, the physics engine from Prologue were scrapped and a new improved all around better physics engine was built from the ground up for GT5.

They may not be Forza fans, but they are definitely misinformed!

Gran Touring2915d ago

I really never liked the guys at Simraceway. They really chastised GT5P in their Forza 2/GT5P comparison review.

Not to mention just some stupid things I've noticed, like with their G27 review they didn't even play GT5P. Seriously now, the G27 was made with Playstation, and specifically gran Turismo CLEARLY in mind. They attempted to play it with Forza 3, but were disappointed by how it doesn't support the 360. (When it's actually the 360 that doesn't accept 3rd party peripherals)

Oner2915d ago

Actually cobraagent ISR sucks. They do not give console driving games proper reviews and they consistently say incorrect false things and misinform the people they say they "serve". It has been shown time and time again and this is just more proof of their lack of knowledge when it comes to console gaming but more specifically GT.

They are a joke. Just because they got some eye candy (which you know they pay to be on the show because she would have absolutely NOTHING to do with them otherwise) they get a pass. F them & F Darin especially. There has been obvious, known changes to the physics in not only driving characteristics but in collision detection and more. Plus for Darin to specifically say Forza 3 is "very similar" is absolutely bull$#@! they are so clueless & biased when it comes to consoles in general (and that has nothing to do with GT vs Forza mind you) it is sad.

They do not cater or give the correct amount of time/information when it comes to consoles and shouldn't even bother doing them if they aren't going to do them right.

SSKILLZ2915d ago

man, so Freaking AWESOME !!!!!

iPad2915d ago

Dude, just imagine this.

Driving Nurburgring online doing the 24hour race.


UltimateIdiot9112915d ago

That's what I was planning to do. One of my friend and I were talking about how awesome it would be if they have a trophy for that.

The only potential problem I see is getting disconnected 23 hours in.

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