PixelPerfectGaming Deathsmiles Limited Edition - US Review

Deathsmiles is a dark, twisted look into an alternate world populated by missing children. A rift in the real world is responsible for pulling children into this separate reality. Known as Gilverado, this world is separate from our own and frozen in the early 20th century. Dior, an elderly man, decides to take care of the lost children that suddenly appear in Gilverado. Our four heroines, Wyndia, Casper, Follett, and Rosa are among the adopted, and named Angels because of their bravery and powerful magic.

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dgroundwater2911d ago

I need this now! These reviews make it pretty tempting, and I want to get better at shmups.

STGuy10402909d ago

Deathsmiles is one incredible game. The American release comes with plenty of goodies (even a cool Xbox 360 faceplate).