Gears 3 Dedicated Servers Confirmed

Kombo: According to the most recent edition of the Official Xbox Magazine, or OXM, Gears of War 3 will feature dedicated servers that will eliminate the irritating host advantage while downplaying any other gameplay lag that players may have faced in the second iteration of Gears.

The August 2010 issue explained the extent of the overall reduction of online woes. "Expected dedicated servers that'll reduce the lag that plagued Gears 2 down to practically zero."

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SupaGamer2607d ago

That's what I'm talking about!!!

IdleLeeSiuLung2607d ago

Holy sheit! I can't wait for gears 3 then!

Imperator2607d ago

Excellent news. This will no doubt be the best installment in the series. Beast Modes looks amazingly fun.

Gray-Fox2607d ago

Now I hope there's dedicated server in Australia!. Left 4 Dead 2's servers were in USA (or somewhere else far away) and my friends and I get red ping.

OneSneakyMofo2607d ago

Finally. This and the glitches were the only gripe I had about the 2nd. Hopefully this kills the lag.

8thnightvolley2607d ago

i am going to be a gears3 addict CONFIRMED.

tinybigman2607d ago

if they would have had it for part 2 when it released; maybe i would have tried the multiplayer some more. when me and my friend tried to play some games online we had a bitch of a time getting on.

talltony2607d ago

This is looking to be a perfect gears game.

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M4ndat0ry_1nstall2607d ago

Oh well!

Maybe we can bash it for having a female in it or something.


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Why o why2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

published by ms or 1st/2nd party games should have dedicated servers. xbl isnt free so things like this should be what resources are put into NOT facebook and other bits n bobs that are free for everybody else. It seems like it took peoples response to gears 2's multiplayer for ms to finally listen when things like this should be there from the start just look at the reaction of the guys in here to see what it means for their enjoyment/anticipation for this title