Sony Not Worried About 3D Adoption

Can Sony do it all over again, this time with 3D? Apparently the consumer electronics giant is not at all concerned about the challenge of getting consumers to adopt 3D tech in their homes.

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jack_burt0n2944d ago

Its like asking a company 5yrs ago if they were worried about 1080p adoption, so stupid.

Its not a format war LOL we already won that, my only concern is quality audio and picture, taking a hit with 3d Bluray movies.

Trexman892944d ago

I disagree with the analogy to 1080p. There are many people who don't view 3D as the next logical step in technology. They would like to see 3D completely abandoned because they think it's a step back in graphics or it makes their eyes hurt, etc. I ofcourse love 3D technology, but that doesn't mean that everybody else loves it too.

n4gno2944d ago

"They would like to see 3D completely abandoned because they think it's a step back in graphics or it makes their eyes hurt, etc."

so they are stupids, because you are not forced to use 3D, even with a 3D screen !

Trexman892944d ago

I never said the opposition to 3D had legitimate complaints or not. But there are people opposed to it, and that really wasn't the case with 1080p

SSKILLZ2944d ago

I disagree with your post. I will be taking that next step when I'm ready just not now, that said i think theirs lots of people that saw AVATAR in 3D who would like to have that experience once again in their living room and will buy a 3D TV.

sikbeta2944d ago

3D will be Like Blu-Ray... all over Again, Sony have everything to make this New Tech Successful and THE STANDARD and also have the Support of Big industries, so 3D is Here to Stay....

SaiyanFury2943d ago

If Sony wants to enable 3D on it's products for people that have chosen to adopt HDTVs that support it then more power to them. My 61" HDTV doesn't support 3D and I am not in any hurry to buy another one. I won't support 3D because I refuse to spend another 2500 dollars for another HDTV. I'm happy with the current state of my home theatre and don't have any motivation to update to gaming with glasses. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I don't need 3D to complete my gaming experience.

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Imperator2944d ago

I'll buy a 3D TV next year for KZ3. And if I don't have the money then I'll definitely have one by the end of next year.

SSKILLZ2944d ago

haha yeah same here KZ3D ftw!

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

''we already won that''

Who are ''we''?


Yes, I will buy it the 3DTV next year too, thanks to K3, GT5 and others.

verofox2944d ago

i too would like to know who "we" are. is it us? or maybe its them

jack_burt0n2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Everyone who bought a bluray playing ps3 on launch.

You got a problem with that?

Boody-Bandit2944d ago

that it will be huge!
You know it's only a matter of time before all major sports broadcast in 3D since ESPN has announced it's coming soon for all their stations.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Also in the World Cup, Fifa make a deal with Sony for 3D.

But that's most in Europe.

If they want to gain more popularism in the American Audience, would be a good idea with NFL.

IdleLeeSiuLung2944d ago

That's like asking if a company is worried about the adoption rate of their next product? Shouldn't Sony be worried regardless of the market data?

Then again this article is twisting the word and misrepresenting what they is saying. He is really saying we are not worried, because we have a strategy in place. Amateur journalism!!!

acedoh2944d ago

Didn't like the idea of 1080p. Some people worried that they would be forced to adopt and buy an expensive new t.v. Not everyone thinks the same about new technology. That is why there are early adopters and the last on the boat. With the current economy it is even harder to justify a $2000 plus t.v. no matter how amazing it makes things. I think 3D is great but I'm sure not buying a brand new t.v. when mine works fine. Plus the same people who were quick to spend so much on a new t.v. a few years ago aren't getting the credit to get these new t.v.s no matter how much they may want it. In a few years when you can purchase a 3D t.v. for under $1000 the market will grow quick just like it did with HD.

IdleLeeSiuLung2944d ago

That is a good point. Often times the people that spend big money on the latest and greatest are also the same people utilizing a lot of the credit that was available out there.

That credit is now dried up.... Then again 3D TV are falling in prices faster than I could ever imagine it. The starting price of HDTV used to be $10-5k and has been around for almost 10-years on DLPs and such.

Now a days, 3D TV although been around for a long time, the market push comes when they are around $2k and I have seen some in the range of $1200 to $1500 already. Give it another year or two and it is as cheap as current TVs. The issue is the uncomfortable glasses though and how tired your eyes get!

sal772944d ago

man you work for sony

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piroh2944d ago

"it's 'Blu-Ray situation' all over again"

thehitman2944d ago

without the war so its not taxing on them this time everyone in the industry is supporting 3D the devs all putting 3D support not just the Sony first party 1s. Sony has the entire movie industry as a back up not to mention the PS3 will be the only console to play 3D.

verofox2944d ago

they certainly have the first-to-market advantage. but i am going to wait for a 3D tv similar to the 3DS because i hate wearing the glasses on top of my Rx glasses. and no im not wearing contacts, tried em and hate em. its like having something stuck in your eye all the time

Trexman892944d ago

This was kind of what I was thinking a few days ago. The 3D situation isn't exactly like the Blu-ray launch. 3D seems to have a lot more skepticism, but then again, nobody has any 3D tvs or games right now.

n4gno2944d ago

oh yes, games are already on psn, and tv in stores, so some people play, and view some movies (not so much for the moment) in 3D at home.

by the way, the skepticism for bluray was more important, because of format war...3D is a huge success for cinema, so everybody wants a piece of the cake$ and is already making games and bluray 3D.

Trexman892944d ago

when i said "nobody" i meant virtually nobody. Ofcourse there are tvs on sale in stores, and Super Stardust HD is avialable in 3D right now, but how many people are gaming in 3D right now? I'm not making any predictions about the future of 3D, I think it's gunna take off just like blu-ray, but it is a fact that not many people have 3D tvs right now. Just like not many people had Plasma tvs when they first came out becasue they were so expensive.

thehitman2944d ago

3D just came out wth u expect its new. Same thing happend with blue ray not many had HD TVs at all and people were trying to decide is blue ray player worth it etc and look 4 years later how well blue ray is doing now.

acedoh2944d ago

the Blu-ray vs. HD DVD war. There were plenty of people taking sides and even more who could care less. Most didn't see the need for movies in HD when DVD looked great. For any customer it's hard to justify technology that is much more expensive than what is out there. It was the same with cell phones, and most tech that came to the world at such an expensive price.

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cobraagent2944d ago

since Hollywood has adopted it every hd tv will be replaced wih a 3D one sooner or later

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