Hardware Preview - 'Kinect' : If you've seen our earlier coverage of the Kinect launch event, or the Microsoft press briefing, you've read a fair amount about the Kinect and its available games. As I mentioned in the earlier write-ups, the demonstrations had a staged quality, and it was tough to tell the difference between one-for-one motion and an actor mimicking on-screen instructions. Fortunately, the Kinect was available at the show this year, and we got a chance to try it out. All Kinect demonstrations took place in a soundproof booth, and all were carefully marked so we knew where to stand, so we can't tell how the Kinect deals with unusual living rooms or loud amounts of noise. What we saw was an interesting mix of hopeful and worrying, although the Kinect has the potential to be something special.

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Ron_Burgundy2913d ago

you would think that a site called would preview something "worth playing"

jaredhart2913d ago

Keep it Classy San Diego.

playstation_clan2913d ago

I want games. this eye toy wannabe isnt worth playing. Just go outside, enjoy the sun and catch a real big red ball.

enough is enough

jack_burt0n2913d ago

"One of the other people in the demo wasn't so lucky because the Kinect couldn't register him at all. Even the people giving the demo seemed flabbergasted about why he couldn't play. There was no obvious problem, and when another player stepped in, the game worked fine. This was probably one of the most worrying aspects of the demo. You can work around motion lag or wonky voice controls, but if the Kinect refuses to acknowledge that you exist, there isn't much you can do."

no kinect for vampires then, tough luck.

mrv3212913d ago

Do you really think Vampire need to be humiliated any more after Twi... Twilight. They SPARKLE... SPARKLE! NO SCARY THING HAS EVER SPARKLED.

Imperator2913d ago

Twilight is just...stupid. There really is no other way to describe it. I mean, if Stephanie Meyer actually tried to write something of quality then at least there would be that, but she writes horridly.

mrv3212913d ago

I have never read or seen twilight so feel free to correct me on what I'm about to say

Twilight is designed for girls between the age 13-18 who don't find themselves attractive enough for the guy they want ( which is most of them ) so they read a book about a girl who's not too attractive to be competition succeeding with a bad guy who has a good side and they'll spend their time together.

How accurate was I?

Twilight is genius, talk about writing your book for your audience, it's like super-crack for crack addicts.

Imperator2913d ago

You're exactly right. I tried reading the first book just to see how bad it was. I honestly did not expect it to be that horrible, but trust me it is. I couldn't get past the first page. It's boring, very simplistic language. God, if you have a working brain then I don't know how anyone could stamach such low quality. Let's say I'd rather play Too Human, or Haze instead of reading or watching twilight.


havent seen one game yet that i think is gonna do good. but then again i might be blind

Omega42913d ago

"The bowling game was top-notch, and the Breakout clone was a lot of fun once you got around the input lag. If everything the Kinect does will be this good, it can easily be a huge hit."

Seems like they enjoyed it even with the lag.

asyouburn2913d ago

but they are playing bowling and breakout. my old phone i had 4 yrs ago had both games.

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