Glimpse Dog: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Review

The year is 1974. A mysterious military force, equipped with the latest in weapons technology and known only as the Peace Sentinels, have established a strong presence in Costa Rica. The Costa Rican government are powerless to stop them and the situation is getting worse by the minute. In steps Big Boss, along with his gang of 'Militaires Sans Frontiers', to the rescue...

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Milky2796d ago

I love this game but I am stuck! It's quite hard playing it solo.

meetajhu2796d ago

I'm stuck in a mission where you have to save PAZ and all the enemies know where you are and Miller is coming to rescue me

MrGunny942796d ago

That´s true there is some parts that are hard

Ron_Burgundy2796d ago

damn Pupa!!! took me like 6 tries, but I did it on my own

Barbapapa2796d ago

peacewalker,mk.2,and custom.

raztad2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

PUPA is the guy I have to defeat when I turn my PSP on.

It's kinda interesting how (so far in the story) the bosses are more "mechanized" and less like the bosses in other MGS games. I love this game.

saimcheeda2796d ago

I hate that Bastard machine, hardest boss in this game!

MrGunny942796d ago

I toke him out after the 2nd try always bring RPG and a 2nd Rocket to boss fights :) and use Naked Loadout

bunfighterii2796d ago

I'm stuck on the Pupa, I love this game though. I'm travelling right now (I shouldn't be on N4G), and got a PSP and Peace Walker for what I thought would be just the plane trip, but every day after sightseeing around Paris, I'm coming back to my room to play Peace Walker! I even bought a Peace Walker t-shirt today at Uniqlo!

I'll try bringing the RPG and the other launcher. I think its just a matter of using the right load out.

I wish I knew someone else who had this game...

SovereignSnaKe2796d ago

for supplies bring, a supply marker, the LAW, and the MK 22!!!, and make sure you clear enough of the lightning rods that it spews out!, those things are pretty lethal! Good Luck, Enjoy Paris!, and AWESOME GAME!! :)

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The story is too old to be commented.