Gamersweb: Giana Sisters Review

Awhile back a game hit the market, the game was Giana Sisters. A complete rip-off from the original brothers, Super Mario Bros that is. The game got pulled from the shelves because of this. But when the dust settled and the smoke cleared, what do you know? The game rises from the ashes as a Nintendo DS game! We reviewed it too see if the sisters are back and hungry for a paycheck.

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dkblackhawk502889d ago

I have tried this game before and didn't really like it...the title didn't help either.

matrix2242889d ago

well your opinion sucks e4g :P this game was good

RIPSKATEDESTROY2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

i remember playing this on amiga i think or might have been commodore. anyways we all thought as kids that this was a nintendo product. such a shameless ripoff!! :D gotta love the balls on the makers though :D

mmoracerules2889d ago

Well you suck, how about that? ;)

matrix2242889d ago

i enjoyed this game, a good time killer

jaredhart2889d ago

The first level is almost identical to the original Super Mario Brothes. Funny that it's on the DS now.

mmoracerules2889d ago

Was just about to say that, surprised Nintendo hasn't done anything about it.


its mario in drag! its like mona lisa is leonardo in drag

Aphe2889d ago

Nintendo are used to companies imitating them.

portablegaming2889d ago

Rocking game with a good German music composer.

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