Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway story

Hell's Highway

June 6, 1944, D-Day in Normandy France, was a turning point in WWII. The American, British, Canadian forces cracked open Hitler's Atlantic Wall and poured ashore. In days the beachheads were secure and the Allied Armies firmly established on the European Continent. Continued....

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ben hates you4157d ago

favorite WWII game and favorite FPS, story is the biggest part of the game, then gameplay, graphics(which rock),and ect...

ben hates you4157d ago

game if you haven't tried the first two, you should try this one, the gameplay style might take some getting used to but the story will draw you in

Dr Pepper4157d ago

@ benisme

I really like this series as well. It makes you think more than the other WW2 shooters (Medal of Honor, CoD). If they're going along with the whole 101st Airborne story, I can't wait for the Battle of the Bulge (probably the next setting for the BiA series).

ben hates you4157d ago

bubble for you, we've had a bunch of crap in the past 5 minutes, the next story will be project Market Garden, largest paratrooping event of the war

Dr Pepper4157d ago

Hey, thanks for the bubble (gave you one as well). The next setting I'm reffering to is if they continue the story after the upcoming Hell's Highway game(which I hope they do). If they did, then it would most likely be the defence of Bastogne (not sure if you know a lot about WW2 history, but it was an epic battle).

ben hates you4156d ago

umm.. i love history, battle of the bulge was the last german offensive of the war wasn't it, i'm not sure if i remember, but okay i understand what you ment

MyNameIsNotRick4157d ago

Both brothers in arms games were in my top five on xbox. Can't wait for this.