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GamerNode: PlayStation Move Hands-on Previews: SOCOM 4, Heavy Rain, The Fight, & Sports Champion

GamerNode's Mike Murphy writes: "Sony decided to dip their hands into the motion control market when they announced the PlayStation Move at last year's E3. At E3 2010, the console manufacturer had the motion device on display on the show floor and I was able to get my hands on it. In order to give an accurate preview of the device I played not one, but four different tittles to see if the Move was great for all, great for some, or just not great at all..." (E3, Heavy Rain , Playstation Move, PS3, Quantic Dream, Socom 4, Sony, Sports Champions, The Fight: Lights Out, Zindagi Games, Zipper Interactive)

Cloudberry  +   1833d ago
Nice preview.
Based on the impressions in the article, the author ranked those games, from best to worst (?) :

1. Heavy Rain.

2. Sports Champion.

3. SOCOM 4.

4. The Fight.

I really intrigued about Heavy Rain's Playstation MOVE version... :o
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Aphe  +   1832d ago
I'm not interested in any of them. I completed HR with a controller, I am not likely to play the game again, and the other games don't interest me. Not trolling, just saying how I feel about the games. I'm sure others will love them.
Dacapn  +   1832d ago
I actually stopped playing the game a little less than half way through (i think) after hearing about the motion controls being added. I want to finish the game with move. If there is one game that I think would truly benefit from 3D & motion controls, it would be this game. I don't think they're adding 3D, but how sick would it be if they just added 3D elements to the game? Maybe, make the detective parts in 3D only when you power on your 3D glasses?
DARKrage34  +   1832d ago
They all look to be solid games for the Move peripheral... I never really was too interested in the Fight, but the game only brings to mind the Kevin Butler commercial :D

"Cuz real boxers don't hit like this..."

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1832d ago
Yeah, that is the deal with the game and Move, you have to make a good solid hit, more realistic, and not making this:
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gtsentry  +   1832d ago
there all different typers of games so you cant really say wich one is better..it all comes down to who wants wat type of game,from this list
paladin_veltron  +   1832d ago
im still excited for he fight lights out. that game still has time to work on. having to satnd in one spot doesnt bother me to much, the moves ive seen you can do look awesome. theres a video on psn that shows all the moves for the fight. you can bring your arms back and jerk your head forward and do a head but. you can do headlocks as well and even do a spin move. also sports champions looks fun. sorcery is a day one for me, was hoping they would do a game like sorcery thats not harry potter. hate that kid. i have had lots of time with the wii and a lot of moves on the fight CANNOT be done on wii boxing, trust me.
espiritu604  +   1832d ago
I saw that video where you crouch with the move on fights lights out and they also said it can track the controleer behind your body.

Which do you think I should get?
heavy rain or sorcery or kz3?
Aphe  +   1832d ago
Get the game you want, the game that appeals to you. Unless you're a lemming or you're seeking someone elses approval.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1832d ago
Actually both Killzone 3 and Sorcery will only be out by next year, way after Move release, so if you pretend to get Move before, want to have something to play with it, and your not interested in other Move launch titles, you don't have much of an option beyond Heavy Rain.

I know I'll take Socom 4, as I would get it anyway, I don't get so burned if I happen to not like the new motion controls.
Gene  +   1832d ago
I just want socom 4 and lbp2.
GuruStarr78  +   1832d ago
I wish they'd make the Force Unleashed 2 compatible.
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discoworld  +   1832d ago
just wait sony stillhave time to work out da bugs so lets c in september
bostoner  +   1832d ago
I was Wondering...
Ok to the Move comes out September 15th in Europe a Wednesday.... ok I dont know if that's a normal hardware release date over seas but whatever then There's the US release date of the 19th which is a Sunday!!!!. WTF!!! Gamestops close early in the malls and most aren't open if they stand alone... at least near me. How is this the best day for release??? Why cant we just have it Thursday or something... wackness. Walmart's always slacking on the stocking of new hardware day one or even week one. Just thought someone would have some insight on the stupidity of SCEA.
RageAgainstTheMShine  +   1832d ago
Time crisis looked awesome too!

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