GamerNode: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 Hands-on Preview

Another year, another series of beat-downs, flashy moves, and broken weapons for World Wrestling Entertainment's main videogame franchise's latest edition, WWE Smackdown! vs. RAW 2011. The newest installment in the long-running wrestling series has kept everything that has made it great while adding some new maneuvers to its arsenal.

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Orange Juice2760d ago

This game sounds amazing, the new weapon physics will add so much more variety. I am truly sick of trying to jump from the ladder in the ring through a table on the outside only to completely fail every time, and now that it fixed I'll be able to try more spots like that and actually have them work.

As long as they dont remove any of the community aspects from last years game like the CAW share, this will be the best SvR yet imo.

"Unfortunately, the game will not feature any of the rookies from WWE's latest show, NXT."

I beg to differ, thats the best news I've heard all day.

Raptura2760d ago

Wade Barret should be in there at least.

He 'won' the first season of NXT and will soon be fighting for the title.

Orange Juice2760d ago

Yea but theres no promise that he'll last more than a few months after his push, they know hes not quite ready to take on the #1 heel role which is why hes now leading a stable of jobbers(nxt rookies).

Besides you can always just download him if you really want to.

doomsday6662760d ago

Hopefully you will be able to go from ring to backstage i miss them moments.

italianbreadman2760d ago

That would be great! I love the old N64 WWF/E titles from THQ.