What Features Would Make You Get Playstation Plus?

This week a new service for the PSN is being released across the globe, entitled PS+, it gives gamers the choice to pay for it or to ignore it. Giving the gamer, more games, discounts, automatic downloads and more. But it still doesn’t convince every gamer out there. What could PS+ incorporate to get you to buy it?

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xino2792d ago

I would get it if they bring out all the stuff they listed in the PSN Premium leaked image!

maverick11912792d ago

exactly all that stuff in the survey i would of payed good money for

pixelsword2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

I'd never get it. Didn't get XBL, won't be getting PSN+; paying for services that should be otherwise free goes against my Net Neutrality philosophy.

PSN+ just justified XBL and all XBL subscribers.

FACTUAL evidence2791d ago

will make me get it at the state it's at now, but for a cheaper price. Throw in X game chat and it's a deal for 50$. I swear if Sony had at least voice messaging for FREE I'd support PS+.

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Shadow Flare2792d ago

If we could keep what we've bought forever instead of it disappearing once we've stopped the subscription. And adding some more features instead of just discounts

dantesparda2792d ago

you can keep what you've "bought" forever. What you cant keep or probably meant to say, is keep the free stuff they give you forever, even after you unsubscribe. Like the free PSN game, the 2 minis & the PS1 game. Me, personally do not care about losing it cuz a year is more than enough time. But my concern is more of the choice of games they are gonna give us rather than the fact you cant keep the free stuff after you lose subscription (but i guess that's how they are able to pay off the IP holders).

And remember folks, this is only the beginning (damn, i feel like im sales pitching the shit, lol). So its only gonna get better from here.

drdre742792d ago

same here. The whole 50 bucks just to rent games I already own isnt very pleasing to me. Plus you loose almost everything if you decide not to keep Plus.

claterz2792d ago

That's like saying we should be able to play LIVE forever after paying for 1 month LIVE subscription. When you subscribe to something you only get stuff while you're still paying them, makes perfect sense.

mushroomwig2792d ago

Well I'm already subscribing to Playstation Plus but there are a few features that would make me go crazy;

- The ability to change your PSN ID (with a limit, perhaps once every few months)

- Custom avatars (with moderation so no "bad" avatars could appear).

PirateThom2792d ago

Definitely the cloud storage. Would also like maybe 4 downloads per month for the video store.

Imperator2792d ago

my PS3 just went YLOD (the phat one) and I lost a lot of my Save Data. Cloud Storage would been a great big help. I really hope they implement that.

DA_SHREDDER2792d ago

Besides the obvious, I wouldn't mind seeing a cross platform application between ps3 and pc users to play games together. I want Total War on my PS3, and I wanna play with my friends that only use pc for everything.

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