Top iPhone 4 Games

The iPhone 4 has arrived! After a morning of waiting, pacing and coffee-drinking, we finally get to test some highly anticipated games that shine on the iPhone 4.

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indiabest2798d ago

iphone 4 sucks but i will try it

Crazyglues2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

ok there is the antenna problem, that's a little lame, -but it does have so many cool things about it that there is no way the phone could suck..

* Two Cameras -that's awesome
* New Display -It's so nice and clear -Looks Amazing
* Apps from the app store... -ftw
* iPod built in... - Come on is that not cool or what???
* So thin -Dam that's cool
* Can shoot 720p video on the phone and then edit it in iMovie on the phone -COME ON!!!
* Can now do multi-tasking -So sweet
* Can't find were the hell you were going, oh yeah don't worry there's an app for that -OMG!!! how cool is that..
* Its only like $199 or $299 depending on which size you want -(with contract) -about on par with other smartphones
* Doesn't kill the battery -you just don't even understand how cool that is... (unless you have one of the other smartphones out there.. "Droid, HTC," I'm looking at you..)

* It comes in White I Love the black but.. -seriously come on how cool is that (what other phone do you know would also look cool in white)

* It has an amazing Camera not just for video but pictures, with a LED Flash... -COME ON!!!

* Dude it has facetime... -So cool..
* Really you still need more reasons to get one... -COME ON!!!