PS3 offer that looks almost like a "going-out-of-business-sale"

You think the $499 60GB offer or the €599 PS3 Starter Pack is the end of the story? Then look at this offer from Media Markt Spain:

*60GB PS3
*additional SIXAXIS
*Logitech Driving Force EX
*Resistance: Fall of Man
*Formula 1 Championship Edition
*Virtua Fighter 5

FOR €599

Just to make sure you do the math right: this is a 4 * €59,99 + €49,95 + €69,95 = €360 less the initial retail price. So you are getting your PS3 for about €240. Can't beat that at the moment. Even compared to the new Starterpack you save about €190.

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exclusive3953d ago

This is good news for those new playstation 3 buyers you can save alot of available content money.

larry0073953d ago

ps3 is already the no1 selling console in SPAIN.

that deal will spur sales by 500%

MACHone3953d ago

...but this still sounds like a good deal.

laryforlife3953d ago

the 80 gb isn't really worth an upgrade, why not 120?

Infernus3953d ago

I heard a few weeks ago that a 120GB PS3 would hit Europe mid 2008. Dunno if it's true but sure sounds good.

Hypnotic3953d ago

Sounds like a great deal.....if you live in Europe.

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The story is too old to be commented.