GameZone: Vanquish Hands-On Impressions

"My time with gameplay proved just how fast gameplay is, where there isn’t time to sit back and think and plan. It’s a fight or flight game, on a constant and never-ending basis. Like real war, there’s no time to think once the bullets start flying, though most third-person shooters are all about finding cover than making some sort of plan. No time for that here. You think on your feet, or you die very, very quickly."

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Caspel2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Anytime the devs from Bayonetta are behind a project, my support will follow.

DigitalAnalog2857d ago

Shinji Mikami is leading the project. That's an excellent sign that this game will deliver.

-End statement

Caspel2857d ago

this is the spoken truth =)

2857d ago
asyouburn2857d ago

he can make a game about space marines shooting stuff, and somehow make it seem fresh and interesting

webeblazing2857d ago

im missing the point of what makes this game so good besides the fact that the creator from DMC is making it. it looks @ss

asyouburn2857d ago

dont buy it. high school musical on wii looks like crap to me, but i sell a few every week. to each their own, i guess

ATi_Elite2857d ago

Ultra fast pace third person shooter with cover scheme. As long as the game play has variations through out then fine but if you got x amount of linear levels of the same crap then boring.

demo makes Vanquish look like a hack n slash with a gun.

I bet at some point in this game you will be forced to use a sword.

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The story is too old to be commented.