Going back to Killzone 2

TheEscapist: With the shrill buzz of E3 still ringing in our ears, it can be difficult to engage with anything that isn't new. But these games that get so much attention on launch day often hide much more than the headlines suggest. Revisiting old games - once the hype has died down - has become something of a hobby for me. More often than not I am surprised with what I find

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MGRogue20172824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Seeing this article made me want to go back to Killzone 2 for some multiplayer.. Haven't played it in quite a while since completing it, Thanks! :)

NecrumSlavery2824d ago

I really enjoyed killzone 2 more than any other shooter this gen.

I_find_it_funny2824d ago

I go back to Radec Academy very frequently :)

BattleAxe2823d ago

Radec Academy is way way overplayed. There are far better maps.

nix2824d ago

well.. media did try to bury KZ2 but they have failed. look at the response to KZ3. not a single finger has been raised about if its CG or not. media certainly learnt it the hard way. KZ3. first day.

Raf1k12824d ago

I have a funny feeling there are going to be people who will play KZ3's multiplayer for a while and then go back to KZ2's multiplayer if it's too much like CoD. I really like the controls as they are and for me it's one of the things that makes KZ2 stand out from all the other shooters.

gtamike2824d ago

really good game much better than cod or halo

cyborg69712823d ago

I started back up as well. Only one reason for me to do so was because the bfbc2 lag has made it unplayable for me too bad cause that game was fun.

Once you go back to kz2 though bfbc2 doesn't seem as good, with the exception of the dectructability.

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Hyrius2824d ago

Best FPS of this generation.

Won't be dethroned until KZ 3.

Ravage272824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

well it certainly is for me. KZ2 is the only shooter that gives me an urge to play solo when my friends are offline.

Dnied2824d ago

Everytime I go through the campaign I always notice more details, there is just so much to look at lol you almost have to play it more than once to take it all in... similar to Gow3

TooTall192824d ago

Play sp or bots on Elite. They're so good it's scary, but then when you play online everything is a piece of cake. STA-14 Rifle ftw

Gran Touring2824d ago

Killzone 2 really was a great technical achievement. I still don't know how they managed to get 32-player matches with the game running at a locked frame-rate, without having to reduce the graphical enhancements found in the singleplayer campaign.

Finalfantasykid2824d ago

The game did drop it's framerate quite a bit, it just that the game did a really good job at hiding it through many of it's post processing effects. Hopefully though KZ3 does not drop it's framerate at all.

And also, in regards to this article, I agree. KZ2 has been the only fps that I have come back to after completion (platinumed).

jukins2824d ago

hearing about kz3 made me think about the fun i had playing kz2 multiplayer and since then i've been playing the hell out of it. sometimes i get caught watching flags flapping in the wind dust, sand blowing. cant wait for kz3.

unrealgamer582824d ago

kz2.....sniping noobs good times, good times

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