Fat Princess getting Fat Roles DLC next week, co-op patch

VG247 writes: Fat Princess fans should be pleased to know that the game’s getting some DLC next Tuesday, June 29 on PSN – which also coincides with the release of PlayStation Plus.

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Persistantthug2800d ago

Not sure if I'll be getting the DLC or not.

Have to think about it.

Fat princess is fun though, and my little nephew really likes it alot, so its good we'll be able to play together at the same time now :)

Ravage272800d ago

i do have one small complaint though...What took them so long??!?

My friends and I were playing it every single night during the release month and this DLC could have kept us going.

darkdoom30002800d ago

Wow, took them some time, but im liking it. may get the DLC!
-hmm, looks like they switched developers, Titan were making the game before.

TooTall192800d ago

It's the same as when you start up fat princess. Titan is the last one showed.