Sony: “We’re in a very good spot” with Move, 3D

VG247 writes: Sony Worldwide Studios VP Scott Rohde has said that with 3D gaming and Move coming to PS3, the company is confident that the momentum generated will allow the console to “hit it’s stride”.

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Quagmire2916d ago

Move, yes. 3D? eh, not so much, imo.

JsonHenry2916d ago

I am the exact opposite. After owning a Wii and selling it less than a year later I am more excited about 3D and less about move. But I gotta say if I had to choose any of the motion control setups that are gonna be available I would choose move.

I've played games in 3D on my PC and let me tell you it really makes the games seem "new" and lifelike. Once you try it you will love it.

secksi-killer2916d ago

i still have my wii because my girlfriend wont let me sell it! i agree, i have zero interest in move, but i am really interested in 3D.

i think 3D can bring something really good to gaming...but move lol

quick press disagree if you love sony

Ult iMate2916d ago

We'll see what will you say about Move in Socom or Killzone multiplayer. ))) .

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

3D + Move + And a game like, I don't know, Killzone 3? =

I'm sold with 3D, but I will wait for the next year for a drop of price.

Socom 4 with Move looks more interesting than I thought, besides the Move players literally OWNED the DS3 Players in a match according with Zipper in a test they did.

Sheikh Yerbouti2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

3D will be more of a draw for gaming than movies, but it is ready for the mass market yet. Sony's getting in on the ground floor, and I'm sure it will help define the next generation like HD and online did for the current gen.

My complaint about 3d is that the technology that Sony is bringing us will soon be obsolete anyway. Autostereoscopic 3D on television like Nintendo is bringing on the 3DS is already available for those who can afford to blow as much as a Mustang on a television. In ten years we'll be buying those instead.

Shadow Flare2916d ago

I'd like to know if 3DTV's have the ability to switch inbetween 3D and 2D viewing. So you wouldn't have to wear glasses all the time. If they could switch between the two, then I think those tv's will be successful. I'd personally just use 3D for films and games, and watch normal tv in 2D. All new tv's are 3D ready anyway, so just like hdtv's, its going to be a forced future, everyone will own one eventually when they need to buy a new tv. So sony is smart to get on the 3D train before this thing hits its stride. They did the same with bluray and hd

adram2916d ago

"I'd like to know if 3DTV's have the ability to switch inbetween 3D and 2D viewing."
yep, you can. no on would buy it if it wasn't.

Snakefist302916d ago

ya me too ability to switch inbetween 3D and 2D viewing and also 1080p or not.Pleazz dont make fun of me my english isnot good.Pleazz

cobraagent2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Move will bring casual gamers to the playstation family while 3D will add a whole new dimension to gaming. 3 years from now, 3D in the living room will start to become very popular. And by the way, this November GT5 will break every racing game record and maybe come close (in terms of sales) to MW2(GT3 sold 15 million)! Sony, you have a bright future ahead of you

nikkisixx22916d ago

Can't wait for GT5!!! I've never played another gran turismo, but E3 and all the info coming out got me really pumped for it.

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Colonel-Killzone2916d ago

I think sony is doing very good in both departments. So far when it comes to 3D gaming I don't hear anybody really bashing it least the people who experienced it for themselves. IDK if I would ever do it simply because I wear glasses although I guess I can wear my contacts while I wear the 3d Glasses. The main problem is people who wear glasses etc probably won't be able to enjoy 3d.

Spenok2915d ago

That would suck if you wearing glasses would hinder that experience. I never thought about it seeing as how i dont wear glasses. But i agree with you on Sony's position.

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