Moore: We don’t want people to trade our games

EA Sports boss Peter Moore says EA’s new Online Pass exists because the company doesn’t want people to trade in its games.


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Quagmire2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Purchasing second hand games is the only way i am financially capable of owning more games in this rotten economy, than if i was to buy them full price from the store.

No amount of addons or preorder bonus's, or original game content taken out for money-reaping dlc's, will change that fact.

I understand that Devs and Publishers are businesses requiring income for their employers and their families, but attempting to completely monopolise the way consumers are allowed to purchase their desired products is pure Nazism.

dangert122943d ago

here's a promise i'll keep my games if you make sure they are of quality and high replay value

DigitalAnalog2943d ago

Many of my PS3 3rd party games are 2nd hand and I have no intention of selling them due to the reason you stated.

-End statement

MAR-TYR-DOM2943d ago

Well EA... maybe you shouldn't release sports games annually, there is no reason for me to keep madden or nhl when i know there will be a newer one next year.

Conloles2943d ago

Well when you have EA servers which you collapse after each two year game iteration of course people are gonna trade it in.

KingPin2943d ago

@quagmire, i agree with you on the buying games 2nd hand bit but the monopolizing part i dont agree with. they not forcing you to buy the DLC. i honestly am for devs and publishers making $$$ on 2nd hand game sales. however, i just dont think the way activision and ubisoft are going about it the right way. i think maybe the devz and publishers should take a certain percentage however it should be a percentage from the discounted/used price. thats about it.

@mar-tyr-dom i agree with you too. making sports games every year with little to no graphical update is pointless. the only thing that gets updated are team sheets <more or less>. so heres my thought. why not create update packs, like dlc at a discounted price. it should contain new teams, updated team sheets, new kits, and a few tweaks to the gameplay. and then maybe release a full game every 3 years or so. just a thought.

morganfell2943d ago

"We don’t want people to trade our games."

Here is a clue Pete. The best safeguard against trading games or the damage publishers claim in lost revenue from used titles is to make a decent game with some longevity to it.

If you shovel out crap for a few bucks do not be surprised when the consumer finds a way to stick it to you in a just, deserved manner.

I rarely trade a game...unless it is real trash. If you like a game but think you are through with it sooner or later you will regret trading it.

Same thing for systems. Unless you have those titles on another system with all of the features sooner or later you will wish you still had it.

jemarval2943d ago

I agree 100% with what you said to mar-tyr-dom. Ive been waiting for years for a FIFA release that could update teams rosters, shirts and players, even better if done automatically. But instead, I keep seen a FIFA every year, and playing the demo every year.

KingPin2943d ago


id love for that to happen but something tells me that EA wont do that anytime soon. i mean, if you think about it, every year sports games sell. they wouldnt wanna cut profits like that. But i think if they made the update packs, they would make a lot of small profits instead of little large profits. <if you know what i mean>

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HolyOrangeCows2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

I'm a console gamer partly because I hate DRM.
I will not buy any of EA's online pass-enabled games.
I will play MY copy of MY game on any console (That it's for) that I want.

When I buy a game, it's MINE, ea. I WILL decide what I want to do with MY copy of the game. Trade it, sell it, play it on more than one console w/o having to purchase more online passes, etc.

evrfighter2943d ago

CD-Key not existing is the only pro of console gaming. This coming from a console bashing pc lover.

It would be a shame to see that pro get tossed out the window, not for piracy reasons but out of greed.

ZombieNinjaPanda2943d ago

Agree with Quagmire. Last game I bought at full price was Bad Company 2. Just very difficult to afford all the games now adays.

Solidus187-SCMilk2943d ago

They will loose alot of sales not just from customers, but from blockbuster and Gamefly. Sure, if someone rents they might not buy. But at the same time renting can lead to a purchase. Also, these companies buy alot of copies of the game first, and then sell them.

So basically, they are doing damage to the only companies who actually buy a new copy from the publishers before selling it as used.

I got a ps3 and 360, but I dont like the publishers trying to dictate which version I buy or cutting features THAT ARE ON THE DISK, simply because I got it used.

This is like a car manufacturer disabling your radio because your car is used.

atticus142943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

sorry Peter Moore, but if i cant sell my Madden 11 for a decent amount on ebay (online pass will cause used value to plummet) I wont be in-line to buy Madden 12 new - thats the only way i can reason with myself to give 40-60 bucks for whats essentially the same game.

P.S. Madden ultimate team is the biggest scam I have ever seen. The only innovative thing thats happened to Madden in years, requires you to buy DLC to be competitive, effectively making the DLC an "I Win button". Oh and there are still money plays in madden, thanks.

Garnett2943d ago

Quote for truth, the game devs complain about used sales, but they put locked DLC On the disc....

So im paying $60 for, a 5 hour game, with locked multiplayer features, then i gotta pay another $10 for the new (not new) maps? Buck off EA!

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hardcorez2943d ago

update Madden and stop buying exclusive contracts that allow them to be lazy.

jaredhart2943d ago

They need to stop making a new Madden every year. Why not charge for yearly updates (DLC style) and come out with a new one every 3 years.

Nevermind, I know the reason- $$$

simplyRealistic182943d ago

no, come out with a madden every other year,

back on topic

you dont want me to trade game how about make higher quality games and make game prices cheaper, i swear when game prices go to $100, im not gaming anymore

tiamat52943d ago

That's nice but what about what we, the gamer, want? You know, those people paying $60.00 for your games. The ones that can boycott your games

playstation_clan2943d ago

but Mr. Moore should worry about something else, like how to remove those halo tattoos he had

dredgewalker2943d ago

1/3 of my games are second hand because its definitely expensive if you have to buy brand new games. Who can blame the gamers for buying second hand if they can buy it for cheap? I only buy brand new games when its so damn good that i have to play as soon as I can.

mrv3212943d ago

I agree, but I will only buy second hand games AFTER a year of them being out because they are like 1/3 the price but if I want to play it within a month I either buy it new to give developers the money they deserve or don't buy it at all.

dredgewalker2943d ago

My second hand games are also a year old before i bought them. Great games on the PS3 deserve to be bought new cause i wouldn't miss out on playing them.

PirateThom2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

I don't own a single second hand game, mostly because I'd rather not give the retailers that much money for a game they have no part in making and the difference between new and second hand isn't enough to warrant it. I'd rather spend the extra £5, or hell, less if I buy online as I normally do.

Really, if you shop around, there's no need to buy second hand to save money.

palaeomerus2943d ago

This is a comment about Gamestop's policies more than it is about used games.

Meanwhile NO retailer has any part in making ANY game. So don't buy from retailers? Just use publisher's online stores maybe? WTF?

Used retailers BUY, STOCK, pay inventory taxes on, and market their used games. They very much invested in their own business.

The publisher was already paid when the used copy was initially purchased as a new copy (wholesale) by a retailer who will try to sell THAT to a consumer at a profit(usually $12) which the store KEEPS. That wholesale price is all the publisher is entitled to from retail channels.

The publisher does not stock, sell, pay taxes on, or buy used games so they are not entitled to any sort of revenue from them. They have nothing at risk in the used market. you have to spend money to make money. They have already been compensated for making the game on a per unit basis when they sold them into the retail sector as new games.

If game publishers want revenue from used game sales then they have two course of legitimate action available to them:

1.) They can buy equity in retailers who sell used games

2.) They can buy up and sell used games themselves and assume the risks of a used game retailer

ian722943d ago

True "Pirate Thom"
I wasn't going to get Split Second or Blur at full price but I found them for £25 each NEW. They haven't been out long and I saved £30 from original price. Also NEW, POP (new one) £27, AvP £22, and many more, all brand new. If you look around supermarkets (UK), you can find some bargains on new games. Sometimes they are cheaper new from supermarkets than second hand in game shops.

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