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Penello on Kinect: We don’t want “shovelware”

VG247 writes: Albert Penello, director of platform marketing for Xbox, has said Microsoft doesn’t want Kinect games to be “shovelware.” (Albert Penello, Culture, Industry, Kinect, Microsoft, Xbox 360)

dangert12  +   1863d ago
did he not attend E3 ? but hey one mans rubish is a next mans gold or somthing like that its a good attitude to have anyway only the best
GWAVE  +   1863d ago
It doesn't matter what he wants. Xbox brand execs have been dropping like flies, so if Microsoft doesn't agree with what you want, they'll just bring in someone new.

But Kinect's performance at E3 definitely showed Microsoft's focus, from what they said to the games they demoed. It's casual. Sorry, Natal supporters, but thems the breaks.
Anarki  +   1863d ago
Yeah they do, since when did Microsoft care about their consumer? They'd jump at the chance of anything that'll make them some cash.
AAACE5  +   1863d ago
This won't end well!

@dangert12... It seems like everytime I see you on a 360 post, you are making a negative comment! Be careful man... your fanboy is starting to show... zip that up!

@Chaos69 1.2... The strange thing is, they bash everything for the 360 and the majority of the stuff they bash ends up selling well! They bashed Halo, Gears, and several other things 360 related, and the majority of it sold pretty well. I don't believe them. I think they work for MS and are trying reverse psychology on us! lol!
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HolyOrangeCows  +   1863d ago
We saw about 3 different dance games preped for launch and about 4 fitness games preped for launch.

The shovelware has already begun.
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Chaos69  +   1863d ago
You PS3 fanboys seem to care more about Kinect than X360 owners.
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   1863d ago
You 360 fanboys seem to avoid Kinect threads/articles after the fail seen at E3. What happened pre-E3? You guys were touting Natal as some kind of revolutionary step in gaming. You can't expect PS3 fanboys to forget about that hilarious claim so quickly.
maddhatter123  +   1863d ago
run your mouth get owned and then play the victim that is all these 360 clowns do they're a joke.
beans  +   1863d ago
How are we playing the victim and getting owned when you want to be gamers are still stuck in 3rd place trying to claim victory lol. Those natal people are still around but now instead of talking trash like you guys will sit here and watch it destroy PS3 and gain market share on Wii. You can hate all day on Kinect but the fact remains there are still many unanswered questions and plenty of time to show something for it's core. Funny how you guys talk so much crap and then when proven wrong pretend you never said anything. The only people getting owned here are PS3 fanboys who think Japan=the world. This holiday prepare for a wake up call as all eyes are turned towards 360. :(
tinybigman  +   1863d ago
to late bro
thats what you already have on your system with the crap you showed at E3.
expect more people thats all i have to say.
Milky  +   1863d ago
oh the irony...
LetsTorque  +   1863d ago
Now here's the difference between Sony and Microsoft... when Sony says they dont want shovelware on Move, they not only mean it, they prove it! But when Microsoft says they dont want shovelware on Natal, they not only contradict themselves, they lose credibility!
Another thing Microsoft says are the words "Exclusive", now this word has been flung around by MS constantly! They said exclusive content (GTA) which is not even exclusive because it is on Sony's system; they say exclusive Netflix... which is on now on Sony's system, im not going to waste my time by listing all things MS, because its just not worth it, but I've learnt over the past years, MS is willing to con consumers into buying there system.
BTW I'm not saying Sony has not said anything that they haven't kept to, but what I can say, is that Sony has more credibility in my eyes than Microsoft ever had.
Omega4  +   1863d ago
It will be a lot harder for shovelware to made for Kinect considering every game will have to be made differently to use Kinect, so most if not all the games will be unique.

Plus MS doesn't have to worry about ports either unlike Sony, and all the good Wii games come from Nintendo mostly, so all Move will get is the third party shovelware.
Pedobear Rocks  +   1863d ago
You're a bit stunted right?
I just showed you (above) Deca Sports ie 3rd party Wii shovelware is one of the first games coming to Kinect.
TotalPS3Fanboy  +   1863d ago
Unfortunately, Omega4
have exercised his right to ignore and deny reality.
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mrv321  +   1863d ago
Shovelware on a 360... this isn't new, indie games and marketplace is full of it.

You do realise Move is not a Wii Controller right? And infact uses a camera... like Kinect.

What Kinect will get is a lot of shovelware eyetoy games.
NYC_Gamer  +   1863d ago
kinect launch software=shovelware
rekof  +   1863d ago
The problem is ,.. That is all Kinect is capable of doing ,..
except that fitness apps,.. ( that is great for exercising programs ,.. if it works )

So the statement is illogical in its structure,..
Or they don't want software for it,..

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Michael-Jackson  +   1863d ago
Even if it's made differently...
"Shovelware" is a game targeted for Casuals ONLY with generic characters, average graphics, low budget, shallow gameplay and no storyline. That's all Kinect has at the moment!!! u understand???
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tinybigman  +   1863d ago
@ omega
hey O you must've missed the part of the presser or the rest of E3 where it was said most hardcore games will also support move like say Socom4, RE5, KZ3, HR, LBP2 huh?

wake up from your dream world and join us here in the land of the real world please.
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n4gno  +   1863d ago
He's not the only one, but him can read and comment all the news (with biased mind, but it's hard to cure 4 years of brainwashing medias), some others xbox fans in denial prefer to ignore facts (sells ps3>xbox, better exclusives on ps3, move is the best motion controler for now, people are interested by 3D, etc)
Qui-Gon Jim  +   1863d ago
One of my favorite quotes:
"You can't reason somebody out of something they haven't been reasoned into."
(unfortunately, I don't know who said it)
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bjornbear  +   1863d ago
but you got it!
qiqi5522   1863d ago | Spam
Cajun Chicken  +   1863d ago
But you're letting one of your owned studios, Rare make it. Seriously. You have NO IDEA what to do with Kinect, do you?
KratosGod3  +   1863d ago
move got all the support from most 1st party studios, so kinect is going for 3rd party support.
man I don't know but that sounds like shovelware for kinet, natal or whatever its name is.
Bangladeshimo   1863d ago | Spam
tiamat5  +   1863d ago
Well you are off to an awesome start. Not a bit of shovelware or mindless crap in sight. No signs of the many limitations of the Kinect. So what colour is sky in the other dimension you live in Microsoft? Yellow? Pink? Violet? Oynx? No seriously. I would like to know.
liquidus118  +   1863d ago
Yes, and I'm sure Nintendo don't want to milk Mario, too....
ElementX  +   1863d ago
I hope they release a Kinect Viva Pinata
iliimaster  +   1863d ago
NATAL was the future
kinnect was what happend when they realized what sony did with the ps eye.... is the same problem they are running into.. they r just lucky the wii is around so they can copy some games they have out right now... kiddie games for sister grandma and mom
sickbird  +   1863d ago
thats weird, all i saw at MS e3 was shovel ware...
Bumpmapping  +   1863d ago
Well 360 is full of shovelware don't expect any different from Kinect.
miacosa  +   1863d ago
This is a joke
They showed off versions of nintend-cats and wii-sports. Don't fight it just embrace it and bank cash like Nintendo did.
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M4ndat0ry_1nstall  +   1863d ago
and if that particular shovelware sells in the millions.....
maddhatter123  +   1863d ago
then say good bye to the few ok games on the 360 because it is just going to end up like the wii.
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crapbox   1863d ago | Spam
PlayStation X  +   1863d ago
every kinect game micrsoft at e3 was shovelware imo. seriously they all looked like 5 minutes of fun n then never touched again.

like the wii.
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asyouburn  +   1863d ago
even the "good" games
like "milo". now, if milo looks like your thing, go for it, i just struggle to see what kind of "game" its gonna be. you boot up milo, then ask him if he's finished his homework or something, then what. stare awkwardly at each other? i only bring this up, because a lot of people were dissapointed that milo was a no show at e3, and i can't imagine who would play this for more than ten minutes.
Figboy  +   1863d ago
well, YEAH. NOBODY wants shovelware
on their platform, but EVERY gaming device known to man has had it's level of shovelware.

most game libraries are filled with pretty piss poor games. many of it shovelware.

the NES, SNES, Genesis, PS1, N64, Saturn, PS2, Dreamcast, Xbox, Gamecube, PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360 have their fair share of shovelware. it happens.

Kinect will have shovelware. MOVE will have shovelware. the 3DS will have shovelware. it's inevitable.

no popular form of entertainment is free of content designed purely to exploit the particular form of entertainment, by throwing something out there that LOOKS like it will appeal to the masses, even though it's just, well, shovelware.

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