3 Years Later, A Crysis Review -

Almost 3 years ago, a game that would push PC hardware to extents never before was released. Many observed the spec requirements and looked at their PC in shame. The lucky few that did get to play it often thought "graphics" when Crysis was brought up. But what about the game itself potential buyers thought? Are graphics the only thing Crysis is good at?

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Inane_Asylum2890d ago

...maybe I can ask NASA if I could borrow one of their computers.

ipwnall2890d ago

It's really not that hard to make a computer that can run Crysis on high. Sure you need to save up for some time but it's all worth it.

huzzaahh2890d ago

Is it worth it? Crysis is a generic game that really only gets by on good visuals. Buying myself the required parts to run it on high is useless since they'll be outdated in a year.

wicko2890d ago

I disagree completely, Crysis offers some gameplay that very few other shooters have. It's a mix between open world and linear shooters, I like being able to approach situations how I enjoy doing them which usually means being a sneaky bastard. Not to mention the mods add some cool stuff to the game as well.

badz1492890d ago

"Buying myself the required parts to run it on high is useless since they'll be outdated in a year"

dude what are you talking about? if you have a PC that can run Crysis on HIGH, you're pretty much set for ALL HIGH gaming for another 2 years I suppose! it's not like you'll be buying it just for Crysis and then throw it away. maybe your cards will be outpowered by newer cards at the same time next year but why even bother buying new cards if your current card is still powerful enough to run almost anything else except maybe Crysis 3 later on?

STONEY42890d ago

"Buying myself the required parts to run it on high is useless since they'll be outdated in a year."

I hate it when people say this. By you're logic, the consoles were outdated the moment they were released since at that time 8800s were around. An 8800gtx from 2007 (3 years ago!) can and will run most of today's games max or nearly maxed at a good resolution and framerate. You don't need to upgrade every year. You also don't need to max out every game, some people seem to forget the idea of graphics settings.

Arnon2890d ago

I'm going to go ahead and guess you don't feel the same about Killzone 2. Until a shooter can look this good AND support an open-world FPS gameplay aspect, Crysis will be one of the best shooters of the current generation.

In fact, why do I doubt that you've even touched Crysis. To me, it sounds like the only thing you've seen of Crysis is a video on youtube.

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Xfanboy2890d ago

or you could just get a $150 dollar ati 5770 & play it!!

Max setting 1680x1050

A change in the wind2890d ago

Exactly. You also have access to a large percentage of 360 games this way too.

Erotic Sheep2890d ago

Bravo.. you just had to do it..

XactGamer2890d ago

You can get a PC to play Crysis and other games that are far superior for about the same price as a PS3/360.

BrunoBRS2890d ago

my new computer was so absurdly expensive due to all the fancy stuff i added, i thought it would run crysis on very high... my mistake.

Xfanboy2890d ago

Obviously your a console baby who knows nothing about PC!!!

all the fancy stuff i added?? Who says that??

Like what card??

Your fake PC Gamer just like the 2 people who gave you a thumbs up!!!

crck2890d ago

Just because an idiot throws money at something doesn't mean he'll get the results he wants.

SOAD2889d ago

Not to sound like a fanboy, but have you ever heard of a company called Microsoft?

da305kratos2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

i got a Phenom X4 Deneb 3.0 Ghz, a 5750, and 4 gigs of Ram and my whole setup barely cost me $600 (not including monitor)...was on tight budget at the time...and I play it very easily mixed between Very high and high @ 1280x800 with frames ranging from 25 to 45...25 being the heaviest parts in game *carrier being one*

anyone know why the steam version of Max edition does not give natie support to 1080? it is not one of the resolutions there :/ I know u can edit that in the config file but still, just wondering

wicko2890d ago

It does give 1920x1080 support natively, although I noticed that it was the very last resolution on the list, and you have to scroll down the list to see it using the scroll bar at the side.

I was playing Crysis on High at 1280x720 with >30fps avg using an 8800GT 512MB and an E6550 (overclocked though), probably 2GB of ram at the time.

Now I play it on Very High easily with my X3 720 (oc'd to 3.4ghz) and a pair of 4890s, which is considerably more expensive than most are willing to pay. Managed to get them both for <450, one of them was used. But yeah, a 5750/5770/5830 are good enough for pretty much every game on the market right now, and crossfire with those would help in the future.

XactGamer2890d ago

I built my own PC for about $450 and it's still 3 generations ahead of consoles.

SOAD2889d ago

3 generations? The next generation of consoles will probably be more powerful than current rig you have now.

STONEY42889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

I think he's just talking about tiers in graphics card generations.

As in

Consoles: 7800GTX/X1900
PC since then: 8800/HD38xx, GTX 2xx/HD4xxx, GTX4xx/HD5xxx

The HD57xx is really popular for budget builds, so I assume he's talking about that. Thus, 3 generations.

But yeah, I really do think the graphics cards of the next consoles will catch up to around the lower cards of the HD 5xxx series/4890 level at least.

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DeathMetal2890d ago

higher score the game is great

ipwnall2890d ago

Crysis was a great game, but if you take away the graphics, it takes away most of it's awesomeness.

Pandamobile2890d ago

Then where would games like Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 be without their graphic?

Erotic Sheep2890d ago

Hey now.. Killzone ok. But Uncharted had a lot more than just graphics. The overal experience is what makes it a fantastic game.

Pandamobile2890d ago

It all factors in to the overall presentation of the game. If Uncharted 2 looked like shit, you can pretty much guarantee that it's meta score would drop by a good 10-15%.


Killzone 2 had a pretty unique gameplay too, the so called heaviness of the charcter... That said, graphics taken away would indeed harm more KZ2 than U2. Simply because KZ is all about imersion, from moving humanilly to using sixaxis to open or shut valves, everything there is to try and trick your brain that you are actually doing something, eye candy plays a fairly big hole in it.

evrfighter2890d ago

"the so called heaviness of the charcter"

you mean lag? Ya it was pretty unique. I never saw input lag like that on any other fps game.

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Smokeyy902890d ago

Good. I just commented hard.

NSG2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Dude, I don't know what you are on.

ratsrock2890d ago

a. Hard I just commented.

FLOWCity2890d ago

Took you long enough..What next..A Super Mario Brothers Review..20 years later.

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