130° lists unannounced Nintendo 3DS games at Prices of about 35 Dollars

The online store lists the first Nintendo 3DS games from Konmai at about 35 US-Dollar per game. Also they mention some so far unannounced Nintendo 3DS games from Konami like Pro Evolution Soccer 3DS.

The complete list after the jump.

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portablegaming2886d ago

35 US-Dollars for a 3D game would be nice.

franktheprank2886d ago

Wow Pro Evolution Soccer 3DS! I want it!

Zyrando2886d ago

Sounds like Gamer-Heaven :) Maybe a good step for less illegal copies.


im glad i get games for free :D but 35 for a game is goooood iz goooooooood!

Queasy2886d ago

Those games were announced the same day as the 3DS.

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The story is too old to be commented.