Top 10 Reasons PSN Will Be Xbox LIVE's Equal or Superior

A gaming blog has put together ten reasons as to why it believes that the Playstation Network will be just as good as Xbox Live or even better. Some of the reasons given include Playstation home, web browsing, frequent firmware updates and of course that it is FREE to use.

Hit the link for the list.

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D_U_I3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )


Edit: That aswell

daveman33950d ago

i've got a better one, FREE

larry0073950d ago

unlike backdated 2d text achievements on LIVE.

x360 is surely dead by now.

BTW ..ps3 has overtaken x360 in sales in NA in JULY (till date)

ps3 is now outselling x360 all around the world



ArmrdChaos3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

For one...Home is NOT part of PSN...they are two separate entities.
Secondly...Harrison never promised that Home would be a free service...he has been quoted many a time saying they "hope" to keep Home free. It will all depend on whether or not they get a successful advertising model to pay for it.

Omegasyde3950d ago

Hey home will be free however there is a big catch!

For free you get the bare basics, like maybe a couple options for a house and you live in a 1 bedroom apartment. "A bachelor's pad" or Section 8 housing.

For additional Cost you can get a bigger place and each game you buy will come with unique furniture/items (like new achievements).

I just hope they don't try and charge $4.00 for a lazyboy or ceiling fan. I also hope they incorporate a Ebay function or even a option. A virtual Kegerator would be awesome.

Who knows, Maybe SecondLife (since its losing alot of subscribers) will jump on with MS.

The real intresting part is when NCsoft (GuildsWars) comes into the picture and what features they are bringing to Home.

Alvadr3950d ago

Anyone WILL be able to use Home for free, without a doubt. Sony will make its money from downloadable content such as furniture/outfits and various other addons/material/funcanality within Home.

Umbrella Corp3949d ago

in no means i hate the ps3,i love all consoles now just because its free doesnt mean its as good as xbox live,its still a long way for psn to achieve as many users as live in its current growing state.Xbox live attracts casual and hardcore gamer halo 3 will grab for sure but what about killzone2?its like a mystery it can turn out either ways.(no fanboyism)

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ngg123453950d ago

They usually are just for flamebait purposes, and really hides away frmo the more important news.

hotshot12373950d ago

we could put videos on psn and share it with everyone else. like youtube except on ps3. we get demos and everything else. and its FREE. and no matter how many people say home is gay or not. its not like we have 2 do it. but we still can. and its a easy way 2 communicate and join in games and start clans and things. so i can actually see when my friend is moving or anybody else for that matter and can easily get a response from them. just by walking or running up to them and talking on my headset. we will have achievments and people can see it in 3d. and its cool how the room is setup. we can play little mini games, such as bowling or arcade games. all this 4 free. and we can be creative with our apartments. the possiblities r endless. so yea, honestly i know in alot of my past post. ive been kinda fanboyish but im gonna try 2 stop that. and i TRULY do think psn will be better the xbox live

ben hates you3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

can get demos trailers, and access to everything in the marketplace for free, remember silver is free thats everydownloadable content, just no multiplayer online play

oh my god, i'm glad they made that backfire thing for the disagrees, this is true your just disagreeing because your freaking fanboys

eLiNeS3950d ago

I hope the PSN becomes Equal or Superior to Xbox LIVE, that will just get M$ to make it that much better then it is right now, so bring it on! Just not anything like HOME, Please!!!

Texas GMR3949d ago don't get an annoying neighbor who always wants to run up and talk to you whenever he sees you in HOME. :-) That would suck.

Dr Pepper3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

So, is this just assuming that Xbox Live won't change at all in the future?

Dr Pepper3950d ago

I'm more surprised that hardly anyone explains themselves. People just click the button and expect you to know why, I guess. It annoys me. And I already know that a lot of people will just click disagree on this post because there are many immature people on this site.

ben hates you3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

again with the disagrees

so people don't agree with me that people are disagreeing, well there is me, dr pep, gogators, bloodmask, we should not be getting disagrees its just stupid

tethered3950d ago

I won't disagree with you because you are right about MS changing things.
They will have to to compete. If they don't they will fall behind.

Thats why having competition is awesome. Every time one outdoes the other, the other improves and so on. Back and forth. We all win.

ericbs3950d ago

People will disagree with you when you say its odd when they disagree with #4 lol. Shows how smart some people are.

But back on topic, I agree with what you said. 2 reasons they put are because its free. If they don't charge for online, wouldn't they have to get that money from elsewhere. E.X. $20 mill they spend on making their online service better for free, could have been used to develop a game. I don't think it will be feasible to do make their online service almost as good as Xbox Live for free, without other sections of the console suffering.

tethered3950d ago

@ ericbs,

They plan on paying for the service by renting out virtual ad space in the common areas of the online service.

Meaning, when you are in that big room, the one that is always shown from the beta, you will see ads on the virtual TV's and things like that in the background that don't interfere with the overall feel of "Home".

sloth4urluv3950d ago

Are you lost? You have wondered into sony territory now.
You could state absolute truths like the sun is hot, or a water molecule is comprised of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen, and they will still disagree with you unless you have a sony or anti-microsoft avatar.

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hotshot12373950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

cuz if we started talking about change. i could say how do u know psn wont keep changing along with xbox live so.............
i do understand what ur saying though