Why 2010 will be the year of the music game comeback

In recent years, the music video game industry has pretty much been declared dead in the water by mainstream gamers who played Guitar Hero III or the original Rock Band once or twice in 2007. With shelves overflowing with Guitar Hero and Rock Band titles in recent years, a clearance music video game is pretty much commonplace at any given Target or Best Buy.

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dizzleK2855d ago

oh god i hope not. music games are so played out that they make fps' look downright fresh.

deadreckoning6662855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Comeback? I didn't realize they were played out. The only exception IMO are the Guitar Hero games since they come out so often. Still, its not Activision's fault since the only reason they put out so many is because consumers keep buying them. No one can blame Activision for giving the people what they want.

sloth33952855d ago

rockband is going the way of guitar hero just coming out all the time and now making bands like green day even though they released alot of DLC for green day

Myst2855d ago

If they mean actually innovating the music game genre rather than rehash band related music games then I hope so. Rock Band 3 is going in the right direction of being able to utilize your own guitar. Though it's all good to see this come about, this seems like the last major thing that can possibly come about for the music genre. After this only track packs and DLC should be utilized.

spektical2855d ago

i still dont know how using a real guitar is going to work.. i can only imagine seeing tabs, lol

2855d ago
hatchimatchi2855d ago

if music games are what we're supposed to get excited about then gaming as a whole is in a sad state of affairs.