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Submitted by Feckles 2052d ago | article

The Ten Worst Console Games Of This Generation

NowGamer: NowGamer sorts the chaff from the chaffier to list the 10 shoddiest 'games' on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii... (Eat Lead: The Return Of Matt Hazard, Far Cry Vengeance, PS3, Spider-Man 3, Too Human, Two Worlds, Wii, Xbox 360)

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SonySoldiers   2052d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
Quagmire  +   2052d ago
There are about 100 really bad console games out there (Half of them on wii alone), its hard to narrow it down to just 10.
Kahvipannu  +   2052d ago
True. I bet there's tons of games worster than TH..
Krimmson  +   2052d ago
Worster? The fuck does that mean?
Dnied  +   2052d ago
Conloles  +   2052d ago
Wow seriously I know he had to do all the platforms but theres way more than 10 crappy Wii Shovelware games out there which are far worse than those.
Sanzee  +   2051d ago
*Takes a ride on his ROFLCOPTER*
Commander TK  +   2051d ago
Spider-Man 3
was not that bad.
Kahvipannu  +   2051d ago
:D Oh sorry, english isn't my native language, so...
Ultraplayerxd  +   2052d ago
I have. . . NONE of these games!! :D
RatFuker  +   2052d ago
be grateful what you have, and enjoy life. or ill kick your ass
dredgewalker  +   2052d ago
Yeah me too! I'm sooo happy.
dipsetboy17   2052d ago | Spam
darthdevidem01  +   2052d ago
Why even make such a list?

Most people haven't played em and for good reason rofl!
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Nike  +   2051d ago
Retarded lists
Are all that NowGamer is good for anymore.
ElementX  +   2052d ago
You can expect Naughty Bear on future "worst games" lists
dredgewalker  +   2052d ago
If it were only possible to kidnap someone you really hate and make a cage that only opens up when they finish these games........
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Quagmire  +   2052d ago
Bobby Kotick, public gaming enemy number 1.
BYE  +   2052d ago
I'm sure there are much worse games than on that list.

Edit @ disagree: So you like Hannah Montana and Leisure Suit Larry? LOL
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asdf12  +   2052d ago
Anyone notice how no-one pay attention to Bungie/GROL/sonysoldiers?

And box office bust is worse than all those.
Prcko  +   2052d ago
i somehow disagree with this list
Uzesgelen_Goo  +   2052d ago
i played WoS3 and quite enjoyed. don't know about other games.
Man In Black  +   2052d ago
Yeah, it was fun. Bad graphics and several flaws, but I liked the open nature of the story. The low budget shows a lot, but it sure as hell isn't as bad as they make it out to be.
PrimordialSoupBase  +   2052d ago
Call of Duty.
MajestieBeast  +   2052d ago
I think we can all agree that this list should be filled with wii games(shovelware games). and this 1 here should have been nr1 by far.

Related video
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spectyre  +   2052d ago
Thanks for the vid. The sound effects remind me of BattleZone.
Rockstar  +   2052d ago
Played and beaten bug island.
It was bad but in a PS1 survival horror kind of way,so I enjoyed the bad dialogue,
graphics etc...
Cherchez La Ghost  +   2052d ago
I gotta take up for Two Worlds (to a certian degree)
Two Worlds was created by a small team without any major funding. The crazy thing was when I purchased the game, it got to a point that I could not stop playing it. But by the time I played other games, the framerate killed it for me. If it wasn't for the frame rate and a couple of other bugs, it would have been a good game.
PrimordialSoupBase  +   2052d ago
The Gold Edition of the game on Steam comes fixed enough that the game is playable, good even.
lucifon  +   2051d ago
Have to agree, its definitely janky but once you get pass the initial feeling theres a ton of addictive enjoyable mechanics in there. I can't wait for the second!
kraze07  +   2051d ago
I was able to enjoy it too.
bobdog626  +   2052d ago
Bio Comando and N3 are my Worst Games
I kinda like too human though.
midgard227  +   2052d ago
too human is one of the worst games, mainly because of its choice to use the analog to attack. but thats my opinion.

its ok tho if u enjoyed its cool, i oddly enjoyed bullet witch hahah. tho i got it for free so maybe thats y
hmmmm  +   2052d ago
I got Too Human really cheap from ebay, mainly out of curiousity, but i was suprised at how fun the game can actually be. The reviews it recieved were pretty much all bad but i think they were all negative due to the differences betwen how the game was hyped and how it turned out.

Don't get me wrong, the game is quite rough but i still finished it and found it to be pretty fun!
Sez  +   2052d ago
The only problem I had with too human. Was the looooong death scene. God I hated that. Other than that it was a fun game. I kind of wish MS would make another too human game. But that's just me
hmmmm  +   2051d ago
Yeah the death scene was a killer, mainly cos i died a bit and every single time you'd have to wait for the valkyrie to slowly come down, slowly pickk you up and then slowly fly back into the would have been much better if they let you skip it!

But yes, if they fixed the issues that plagued the first i wouldn't mind having a sequel, possibly even them finishing the proposed trilogy.
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BillOreilly  +   2052d ago
too human is amazing i personally really want the trilogy finished
Firebird360  +   2052d ago
I totally agree too human was just way to hyped it's actually alot of fun. And co-op is great! And u can pick it up for like $10 sealed just give it a try almost any game is worth $10.
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atticus14  +   2051d ago
I'm also a big too human fan, now I probably would have felt a little bad if I had spent 60 on it, but I got mine for 10 new, and I can easily say i would have paid more for it and been okay with it. The biggest complaint for me would have been online limited to 2 players, and needed more map variety - which is something a sequel could have brought us, but im not so sure about TH's future now :s

I thought the controls were works much like Batman: AA
Neo Nugget  +   2051d ago
I got Too Human on launch day for 60 bucks and don't regret it.

Co-op was a blast. I didn't even bother with the single player.
qiqi5522   2052d ago | Spam
oldsnakemgs  +   2052d ago
ffx111 is great game it has 85 score from game ranking
i wonder why peaple hate ffxiii
iknow its has issue regarding with no towns and story but all in all
it is good game
Chubear  +   2052d ago
and that's the big issue
This is FF, the first one on "next gen" consoles and one that took 4gens in the current gen of systems to come out... it's not supposed to be a "good game"

Eternal Sonata and others like that can get away with being "good" but THIS was Final Fantasy, the upper echelon of JRPGing with one of the longest history in modern video gaming not some new upstart IP.

If you make FF "good" you'll upset literally millions of gamer fans and they did just that thus the anger.
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midgard227  +   2052d ago
so basically they have to not take chances and just pull a halo and cod and not change the game to make sure everyone loves it the same as the last?

u know wats awesome? I HATE ff12. didnt like ff10 or X-2. didnt like 9, but i liked 13.....everyone has their opinions and i personally dont give a crap that people werent happy, cuz the ones they loved i hated.

how do people complain and say u just hit auto attack and u win....ya obviously never beat the game, and yet ya like ff12 which rewards u for using the gambit system which basically if u do it right u dont even have to touch the controller.....right

people are just whiners this gen
NnT3291  +   2052d ago
Ninty nine nights is the worst game I've played so far in this gen
bobdog626  +   2052d ago
Believe me
Bionic Comando is the Worst Game Ever Made Period this Gen.
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Nike  +   2051d ago
Vampire Rain says hi.
Neoicelord  +   2052d ago
Too Human was not that bad. i would put Lair in there.. Six Assixs is more like it
ibama120   2052d ago | Spam
omi25p  +   2052d ago
yea ok haze should be on this list.
Panzerkanzler  +   2052d ago
This list won't be complete until Haze is in it. I bought that game and that money was the worst investment I've ever made in a game.
Viper7  +   2052d ago
There must be worse options that
Eat lead: return of Mat Hazard. I mean its average at best but still entertaining. It has a lot of bad humor like in 80-90's action films (which is one thing the game parodies.)

Its not AAA or AA or even A but its light years away from shovelware.
Decent rent or bargain bin game to see the good parts of the humor.
*hellishly long mission description* Matt:"Can't you summarize this?"
*Kill everything that moves* Matt:"Thanks.." = gold :D

Opinion: Haze was decent game, worth the single playtrough on hard, it boasted nice co-op mode and multi-player mode that could have used more content. Disappointment yes, but far from shovelware.
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madara0sama  +   2052d ago
The title of this article should've been "The Ten Worst Console Games Of This Generation for the Casual Fag Gamer"
Jason143  +   2052d ago
I loved two worlds. Dropping taints and destroying the server at midnight was a blast. You drop the taints in the town and demons spawn at midnight, each taint sprouted 2 monsters so about 140 taints well, xbox servers go bye bye after that. was a blast. Too human was also aewsome btw. Way of the samuri i still another one of my fav ps3 titles next to demons souls.
This article was awfull imo.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2052d ago
Destroy All Humans: Path of the Furon was not on PS3. I'm just clearing that up.

Uh...Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was pretty bad.


Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
meganick  +   2052d ago
Hey, Call of Juarez was good.
bacrec1  +   2052d ago
Its no Red Dead, but I agree.
ER-AM  +   2052d ago
Don't forget
Super Rub-a-Dub

@ Meganick: Maybe the first one was. I don't know, I never played it. The second one, Bound in Blood, was complete horse shit.
#27.2 (Edited 2052d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
meganick  +   2052d ago
I never played the first one either. I was talking about Bound in Blood on PS3 and 360. That's a good game.
Neoicelord  +   2052d ago
Call of Juarez was a great game..go play Modern Warfare 2 and leave good games alone.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2051d ago
Call of Juarez blows! The mechanics, the voice acting, and the animations made it nigh impossible to play!

Modern Warfare 2's campaign and spec-ops are amazing. Don't trash it just because you think you're hardcore for going against the grain.

Super Rub A Dub is fun. What are you talking about?
Neoicelord  +   2051d ago
How can anyone honestly think the single player campaign in Modern Warfare 2 was amazing? Spec-ops was the best thing about the game but even that was mediocre and glitchy. The first Call of Juarez was lousy..i was talking about Bound in Blood.
diatom  +   2051d ago
Unfortunately, Destroy All Humans was on the PS3, it just sucked so bad that none of the retailers ordered it...
#27.5 (Edited 2051d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
bacrec1  +   2052d ago
meganick  +   2052d ago
Didn't the PS3 launch with a Gundam game that was universally ripped apart by critics? I never played it, but it seemed really awful from what I read in reviews. Maybe that should have made the list.
#29 (Edited 2052d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
l King I  +   2052d ago
were is
halo 3 ?
caffman  +   2052d ago
not on there
as the multiplayer rocks
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