The Ten Worst Console Games Of This Generation

NowGamer: NowGamer sorts the chaff from the chaffier to list the 10 shoddiest 'games' on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii...

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Quagmire2403d ago

There are about 100 really bad console games out there (Half of them on wii alone), its hard to narrow it down to just 10.

Kahvipannu2403d ago

True. I bet there's tons of games worster than TH..

Krimmson2403d ago

Worster? The fuck does that mean?

Conloles2403d ago

Wow seriously I know he had to do all the platforms but theres way more than 10 crappy Wii Shovelware games out there which are far worse than those.

Sanzee2403d ago

*Takes a ride on his ROFLCOPTER*

Kahvipannu2402d ago

:D Oh sorry, english isn't my native language, so...

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Ultraplayerxd2403d ago

I have. . . NONE of these games!! :D

RatFuker2403d ago

be grateful what you have, and enjoy life. or ill kick your ass

dredgewalker2403d ago

Yeah me too! I'm sooo happy.

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darthdevidem012403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Why even make such a list?

Most people haven't played em and for good reason rofl!

Nike2402d ago

Are all that NowGamer is good for anymore.