Ninja Gaiden 3 expectations

"I love Ninja Gaiden (revamp) franchise that is why I'm making this article or blog, you love NG, and that is why you are curious to read this.

Well to begin my first Ninja Gaiden was Ninja Gaiden Black on the Xbox and the game..."

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life doomer2941d ago

The only thing I want is a better camera

KazumaKiryu2941d ago

Agreed. Loved the first but the camera put me off the second one.

darkdoom30002941d ago

The only thing I want is jiggly boobs

Gago2941d ago

sometimes in very tight indoor spots it has problems, but you can always recenter or use the right stick to move it

IMO, i wouldn't want them to change a thing

Yi-Long2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

... I just don't want them to 'censor' themselfs again, like they did with both Sigma games. :(

I love chopping off heads and watching fountains of bloods! And in a videogame, it's even better!

despair2941d ago

they censored the first sigma? first I heard of that, played the original and sigma and didn't see the censorship.

Yi-Long2941d ago

... they took out the decapitations of human opponents. The American version is intact though.

For me it was a reason to not buy Sigma, and just stuck to NGBlack on my Xbox.

The censorship in NG2Sigma made me boycot that was well.


Yup, I beat Ninja Gaiden Black on Xbox 'till my finger ache and also had a very enjoyable playtrhough renting Sigma on PS3, but Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 I still have to beat, it's not as enjoyable and it's, at least in part, thanks to purple glow and less violent moves... NG was a lot about the gore combined with the diversified and amazing moves, things you actually get impressed. Also, the warewolfs and some gunplay feels totally off, both content and gameplay wise, it simply don't fit well in the game... I still have to finish the game to see if it becomes better or worse down the road.

But from all things, one concerns me... Now Itagaki is out for good and Tecmo will probably release both 360 and PS3 version day and date, will we see a Sigma version? I don't care if it will get the Sigma name or if it will come to 360 as well as PS3, but the extra content, I want them to use that extra space they have on BD or, if not, to enable us all the content in some way (maybe patch/free DLC), but I don't think they will... I'm afraid they will make a re-release one year after for sigma version with extra content (and if NG3 miss any of the extras modes and options NGS2 had, I'll simply wait a year to get it, but if I happen to get it and see a better version a year after I'll obviously won't be happy) or worse, they will try to rip us off and try to sell it down the road, maybe they feel entitled to lock content on the disc and sell the keys. The extras were good and made the game worthy a full retail price, but if NG3 is any short of content I'll simply pass it.

Maybe I'm overreacting about something we don't know much yet, but given the sucker business model that has been ruling this generation, I feel entitled to it.

morganfell2940d ago

In fact Tecmo has already stated that PS3 and 360 versions will launch together.

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ABizzel12941d ago

1. A good story (part 1 was passable, part 2 made me not want to play it due to all the BS).

2. A new engine. The games look passable, and 60fps is great, but it's time to up the look.

3. New weapons. The Dragon Sword is always going to be there, but make new weapons that a worth using, and contrast completely with one another. NG2 did a better job, but still not perfect.

4. New Powers. We get it dragon clan, use fire. But give use powers like being invisible in shadows, or something unique.

5. Better camera. It's to close to Ryu, and it's to low. Pull back the view some, and that should fix the major complaints.

6. More exploration/bigger scale. I don't want Assassin's Creed style, but being able to climb buildings and attack from rooftops like Tenchu would make this the ultimate ninja game.

7. Stealth. Ninjas are suppose to be masters of stealth, so why isn't there any in here. Again don't make it Splinter Cell or Assassin's Creed, just let us be able to sneak up on people every now and then.

Optional: Competitive and Cooperative multiplayer. You all ready had co-op, but it needs a lot of work and tweaking to make it feel less like an add on and a full feature mode. Competitive would be nice if they come up with something unique.

izuna2941d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2 was no where near 60fps at 576p.

izuna2941d ago

It was 585p, and drop to rates of about <20.

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Stryfeno22941d ago

Without Tomonobu Itagaki it won't be the same.

PirateThom2941d ago

Well, it was definitely a better series before him, maybe it will be better again after him.

PirateThom2941d ago


Are you really telling me those Hack 'n' slash efforts are better than the NES games? Really?

This site is stupid most of the time.

Gago2941d ago

Itagaki revived a classic into the modern day

and guess what?

it was universally hailed as one of the best action games

BTW: Ninja Gaiden/Black was the highest rated action game/ hack n slash last gen, both by Metacritic and Gamerankings

IdleLeeSiuLung2941d ago

You are comparing the old 2D NG to the 3D NG and calling the old one better?

Seriously? NG 2D was good for it's time, but they are so different on both levels that I can't even imagine anyone say something so...

pirate says:

"Are you really telling me those Hack 'n' slash efforts are better than the NES games? Really? "

Are you really telling me that the old NES games aren't hack and slash as well? I guess there is climbing/jumping elements. I really can't take you seriously since I have feeling you are trolling with such a ridiculous comment.

PirateThom2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

Don't particularly care about ratings and I'm not even calling the 3D games bad, but from a sheer control, style and design point of view, the 2D series is just more satisfying.

Then again, I also can't believe people think Ocarina of Time is better than Link to the Past, Super Mario Galaxy is better than Super Mario World or Final Fantasy VII is better than Final Fantasy VI.

Stryfeno22941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

So by your logic Metal Gear is better than Metal gear Solid 4.

EvilBlackCat2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

"Well, it was definitely a better series before him, maybe it will be better again after him"

"Are you really telling me those Hack 'n' slash efforts are better than the NES games? Really?"

Everybody can have an opinion

The NES NG games are awesome... back in the days of NES but the way Itagaki created the game for this days is freaking fucking awesome.

Watching a TICK bounce from wall to wall trowing stars was cool back in the days but hey everything changed and apparently you got stuck back in the days were wearing a E.T. shirt was cool.

@Patchstation 3

"So by your logic Metal Gear is better than Metal gear Solid 4"

well GT 1 and 2 are way better than 3 & 4

and Castlevania Symphony of the night is way better than the rest but i am pretty sure Castlevania Lord of Shadows is going to have a positive impact in the series.

but hey MGS1 better than 4.... mmm naaah!

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IdleLeeSiuLung2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )


We will see, but Hayashi hasn't proven himself. If anything, it seems he has proven himself on the contrary. As a huge NG fain, I hope I'm wrong!

King Hippo2941d ago

Hayashi has already made his games better with the Sigma versions.

IdleLeeSiuLung2941d ago


In what way is Sigma 2 better than the regular NG2? The new characters? The new game play mechanics?... or should I say what new game play mechanics? The reduced number of enemies?

The only thing better is the upgraded resolution on the game!

Of course this is my personal opinion, so you don't have to agree with it, but I enjoyed the 360 version more. It was more of a challenge!

SkolarVisari2941d ago

There really is nothing wrong with the camera. You just have to hit the re-center button. They either need to take out the dismemberment or let the limbs show. NGS2 was very weird looking because of the magically vanishing limbs.

They need to make it a point to give any extra characters more than one story mission as well.

RyuDrinksTheDew2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

i had no problems with the camera, actually, i didnt have any problems.

pretty good read. weapon customization would be pretty cool.

just thought about it, SixAxis on Ninja Gaiden is one of the worse ideas the guy put in the article.

Unicron2941d ago

Fix the atrocious camera.

izuna2941d ago

There are people who play NG without controlling the camera outside of Izuna Drops, and UTs (which you can't do in Sigma 2). With X+A you jump towards the nearest enemy, there's not much reason to move the camera.

Unicron2941d ago

I disagree. The camera is pretty bad in tight/smaller spaces, and any time you get near a corner or wall. I should be able to focus on the combat, I should not have to realign the camera because it chose to swivel away from the action.

The boss of the Aquaduct is a prime example of the camera getting caught on characters and geometry. No game is perfect, and while I can DEAL with it, I shouldn't HAVE to at this point. It's just poorly designed.

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