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Submitted by Kantor 2050d ago | review

gamrReview Review: Naughty Bear

gamrReview writes:

"If you even manage to complete five levels of Naughty Bear, you're doing pretty well. Manage ten, and you are superhuman. Finish the entire game, and you're probably quite seriously ill, and you should schedule a visit to the doctor as soon as possible. It's the equivalent of watching paint dry while running around in circles and whacking yourself on the head with a hammer, on a rowboat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in a thunderstorm." (505 Games, Naughty Bear, PS3, Xbox 360) 3.3/10

Spectator1  +   2050d ago
:(((( I wanted it to be good!
darthdevidem01  +   2050d ago
aww don't worry Machina Naughty Dog will bring you great games!
ElementX  +   2050d ago
LOL. I knew it would flop from the first time it was annonced. Just check out these other hit titles from Artificial Mind and Movement: Wet, Iron Man, High School Musical, Power Rangers: Super Legends, Kim Possible, Happy Feet, and Ed, Edd, and Eddy.... LOL They really should close up shop.
naznatips  +   2050d ago
Noooooo I was hoping it would be fun. :(
Convas  +   2050d ago
STILL GOING TO BUY IT!!! This is obviously a game which'll have a cult following. It's unique, and colorful, and a change from the norm for me. Besides, a review is just someone else's opinion, and my opinion of NB has already been formed.
FLOWCity  +   2050d ago
Well said
I'll Gamefly it.
AliTheBrit19  +   2050d ago
It really deserves higher than this.

It is very short though, finished half of it in like 2 hours.

6/10 at the very least.
milf_sex  +   2050d ago
Wow...thats horrible. Worst game of the year so far then ?
Kemicalbeliefs  +   2050d ago
This game is about 5 years too late. I've tried to get into it but the camera, the gameplay, the wtf? about it ruins it.
I even tried to trade it back in and was offered half its value. That says something.
Neo Nugget  +   2050d ago
I'm gonna gamefly it. I gotta have something to hold me over till Crackdown 2.
Tempestwing  +   2050d ago
Saddening to see how a fun idea failed..
BYE  +   2050d ago
Totally saw that coming.
It never looked like a product with any substance judging from the trailers.
-MD-  +   2050d ago
I'm still going to rent this eventually.
Spenok  +   2050d ago
Thats to bad, i was hopeing for something at least halfway decent out of this.
rezzah  +   2050d ago
This game is gona be a rent, unless the price of it is already low.

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