PS3 Starter Pack just 555 Euros in Portuguese Store

The new PS3 Starter Pack (2 sixaxis + 2 games) just arrived to europe and one portuguese shop is selling the pack for 555.00 Euros, 44 Euros bellow the anounced 599 Euros, a great deal.

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D_U_I3919d ago

Could buy one now, cant wait to play him on motorstorm :)

kingjkv3919d ago

You know, that's just the thing. There are over 100 million households that have a ps2 and everybody just loved that game system it changed our views on gaming and our love for gaming. The owner of the store or whoever is in charge wants the PS3 to do well as well. Everybody just can't get enough of Sony and their PS3. Honestly deep down how many of you really hope that the PS3 will be successfull and hope that it will be the #1 system once again. Not because we want it to, but because the name PLAYSTATION is what we all all grew up to, it's what we loved and hate. We have our fondest memories killing bad guys, playing with friends, racing cars and scoring touchdowns. You can hate sony all u want, but playstation is what i grew up playing and watching. It will always be there beside me and i will always support it. (now i'm crying)

ShiftyLookingCow3919d ago

as far as technology goes, that is a bad way to look at things

kr90913919d ago

This is really good news for Portuguese customers!! It doesn't effect us American buyers but i'm glad to hear this.

Bathyj3918d ago

A couple of my friends are getting PS3's in Australia. I've advised them to wait til this starter pack comes here. Ps3 is already doing really well here and should pick up more when this deal and few of the big titles come out before christmas .

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The story is too old to be commented.