Incredible Xbox 360 250GB Bundle for only $250

Forget a new Xbox 360 S, get an Xbox 360 Elite Splinter Cell Conviction Bundle: 250GB Console w/ HDMI + 2 Wireless Controllers + Game & More for $250 and a 3 year warranty with free shipping after applying code

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The Dark Knight2827d ago

Yep i got a deal. 250 gig xbox elite, 2 controls, 3 games (forza 3, halo odst and mass effect 2) and headset for $369AUD ;)

Cevapi882826d ago

wow....nice deal....if i wasnt broke at the moment...this would be an awesome purchase....i have played on the 360 before...but i have never explored the machine thoroughly before...i own a PS3, so i try to see where the 2 machines stack up against one another...but until i get up close and personal and enjoy it on my own time, all i have is the info. i have found along with being able to tinker with the machine at a friends house

dizzleK2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

awesome deal. wish i would have waited a bit cuz i picked up an arcade for $150, good enough for me because it's not going online but i would rather have gotten this.

is it just me or do the newer 360s not get hot? i have it on for hours and it's instantly cool when i shut it off.

Independent_Charles2827d ago

smaller chipsets mate mines the same. my xbox got 3 red lights the other day. then 1 red light. took the cables at the back of the box out waited 20 seconds, put them back in and its fine. it slowly getting louder though mainly cause i fall asleep watching sky player every night and its for an extra 7 hours more a day. i should wake up and turn it off really :)

MariaHelFutura2827d ago

The newer 360s are better, but I wouldn't leave it on for too long.

AAACE52827d ago

I've noticed that as well. Mine is from Dec. 08 and the only area that was warm was right by the fans. And yes, it does cool off quickly!

Now that I have my games installed to the HDD, it really doesn't get hot! No loud fans, disc only spins for a few seconds and low heat...

...but I still want the new one!

Desz2827d ago

Just picked it up, I used the newegg preferred as well, so no interest for 6 months. Not bad. came out $270 with tax. BTW-does have the Jasper chip.

FreeFalling2827d ago

for anyone who has a decent ethernet cable over the 360 S :]

NeutralGamer2827d ago

TO be honest I like the original Xbox 360 Elite over 360 S...

And I got ethernet cable so the WiFi doesent hurt me + Jasper chip and game installs on HDD keep it quite and I have'nt got 1 RROD in my consoles lifetime...

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