Why Playstation 3 Trophies are Inferior to Xbox 360 Achievements

Wondering why Playstation 3 Trophies are less competitive and therefore less popular than Xbox 360 achievements? Read on to find out.

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Raoh2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Comparing Achievements

Your personal gamerscore and game achievements can be accessed anytime, during any task on the Xbox 360, as can any other player's. The PS3 Trophies can only be viewed by exiting a game and then selecting PSHome. By allowing achievements and gamerscore to be viewed at any time Xbox has created a more competitive atmosphere among its gamers. The ability to be able to compare achievements during a game motivates players to gain the achievements that their friends have, or ones they don't.

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might as well not even bother reading this trash..

you can compare your trophies with your friends at any time.. during your game you can hit the PS button which takes you to your xmb, go to your friends list and you can read and write messages, compare trophies etc

this person is speculating the ps3's abilities and has no knowledge to make comparisons and share his false points

which also blows out his second argument about identifying hackers.

WildArmed2613d ago

shhh, don't break the guy's delusion.

I get the fact that he may like achievements better.. as PERSONAL preference.
But quite frankly, they both have the same value on both consoles..

Tito082613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

It's a girl who wrote that article, you can see the name on top of the article, but yeah, she said some untrue things about trophies!!!!

BakedGoods2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

It's really unfortunate this article is so mis-informed.

"The PS3 Trophies can only be viewed by exiting a game and then selecting PSHome. By allowing achievements and gamerscore to be viewed at any time, Xbox has created a more competitive atmosphere among its gamers."

From this statement it's clear the author has no real experience on the PS3. First, you only need to select a username from the XMB to see their trophy score. In pure 'button presses to score' the 360 takes two while the PS3 only takes one button press.

Not the mention some PS3 gamers are extremely competitive, check out sites like to see the kind of site/forums people create around the trophy system.

"The Playstation 3 Trophies on the other hand are simply just trophies. It is well known that numerical scoring systems are generally motivational to people because they are easy to compare."

This is simply wrong. The 360 does have a numerical scoring system, but the PS3 has a leveling system. Who has a better trophy score? A level 8 or a level 10? Very easy to compare.

The PS3 trophies also have a much better comparable advantage over the game score too. Imagine this, one 360 gamer plays the first 2 hours of 10 games--probably got, say, 500 points. Another 360 gamer plays one game, but beats it on hard--they also get 500 points--who's the better gamer? The one who quickly plays 10 games or the one who beats one game on hard?

The PS3 has a much better system. Easy trophies are bronze, hard trophies are gold. In the previous example the 10-game gamer would have say, 15 bronze trophies, while the 1-hard game gamer would have 6 bronze, 3 silver and 1 gold--and probably a higher level too (since gold and silvers are worth more).

See how much more accurate a tier-trophy system is over the 360? The author clearly doesn't play the PS3 nor do they even understand the system. Too bad, this is a good topic gone to waste on a bad author.

ThanatosDMC2612d ago

Yeah, when i read that i stopped reading the article too. Article fail.

ShinMaster2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Which is what makes them somewhat more fun. I like leveling up, instead of just getting a number like "35247".
Achievements just make seem like you keep aimlessly accumulating exp points without getting anywhere.

FALSE, you never have to exit a game to see someone's Trophies. All you have to do is simply press "X" on a friend and their Trophies and level come up and compare. This can be done at ANY time.

This article has A LOT of false info and is definitely on the defensive.

But this one instead, was well written and makes sense:

That is exactly right.

ShinMaster2612d ago

Btw, I was agreeing with you :P

Keltik822612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Imo, most of the articles are mis-informed, not to mention not really news. Just a crap ton of flaimbait.

P.S Agree with BakedGoods

bakasora2612d ago

another push over article

jadenkorri2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

man when I invite someone, i sometimes accidentally hit this option that says compare trophies, then loads and compares my trophies to that person...I'm must be losing it, that option don't exit, brain freeze, too much fanboyism, causing nerve pain, it hurts stop, your slowly hurting my brain....

jemarval2612d ago

Dude great article. Marked it as a favourite in my browser

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DarkTower8052613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

at the name of the website: "Bright Hub: The hub for bright minds". Oh man, you can't find a better oxymoron than this article and the name of the site that's publishing it.

freezola752613d ago

This author is really mis informed.... Bright Hub huh? more like Dull Bub. Your website is a joke. Spoken like a true Bot man.

jessupj2613d ago

Why you're an idiot for concluding that one system is better then the other when they are almost identicle.

tinybigman2613d ago

Talk about not knowing anything. All you have to do is press the PS button and go to trophies to view. And to view a friends you press button and go to their gamer card and compare.

Its not that hard to do, if you have a problem doing that you are freaking retarded. Ill take trophies over random numbers any day of the week.

blazBlue2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

.....What in the world is wrong with journalism these days?!

You know what? Screw it. Not giving this article hits. -__-

EDIT: Whatever it is...-_-

mastiffchild2612d ago

Then as it's a misinformed and badly researched blog which you can only suspect has an author that KNOWS she's lying, did it ever get approved. I'd be VERY embarrassed to have put my name to letting this one onto N4G myself as it's one of the worst pieces of FUD I can remember.

Fact is there's little to choose between the to systems and, if anything, trophies make a LITTLE more sense than GS because it's easier to see quickly what kind of gamer someone is by their spread of trophies as opposed to a number. Still, they do exactly the same job so who really cares about BS like this-you could prefer either FFS and no one could really argue. Daft blog.

ECM0NEY2613d ago

You may not have to exit the game like the writer thinks, but it does take like 2 minutes to load up trophies. Achievements can be looked at quickly bc the xmb is so much faster.

diatom2613d ago

No surprise here, FUD from an assclown. Maybe if you owned a PS3 you could find an actual difference rather then making sh*t up.

badz1492613d ago

you're this blogger's younger brother, aren't ya?

cjflora2613d ago

"Achievements can be looked at quickly bc the xmb is so much faster."

Do you always contradict yourself in the same sentence?

ThanatosDMC2612d ago

I had to read what assclown20 wrote twice. I thought i read it wrong the first time or my mind was playing tricks on me...

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darkdoom30002613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

I commented this on the actual article:

"You clearly have never touched Ps3 trophies.

only the last point actually makes sense.

#1 - YOU can compare trophies at any time, Press the Ps button to access the ingame XMB, then click on a persons name, then select 'compare trophies'

That home thing you're talking about was announced prior to home, but it still hasn't been implemented!!!!! Do your research!

#2- Trophies use Level, and a percentage. Easy enough. If your levels higher, then you win. if its the same, check who has the higher percentage.
Im Level 12 and 28% -hmm... that sounds awfully numerical to me.

#3- The ps3 isn't successfully hacked yet! so another useless point.

This aricle is full of rubbish. "

-Lets see if it gets approved by the moderator.

kneon2613d ago

Also you get a better understanding of a players skill and dedication with trophies. If you just want a high gamerscore why spend hours trying to get the hardest achievements? Your time would be better off spent playing another game and just scooping up all the easy achievements.

With trophies I can see how many gold and platinum trophies the player has, which is a much better indicator of their skill. I'm level 10 +75% with only 3 platinum and 23 gold. So you can clearly see I'm not the best player out there.

Parapraxis2613d ago

"-Lets see if it gets approved by the moderator. " - 3hr's ago

Yeah, looks like they don't have the nerve.

wicko2613d ago

I also commented along the same lines as you and haven't been approved yet either :p

The last point was probably the most useless of them all.

callahan092613d ago

Trophies are not inferior to Achievements, and this statement

"Your personal gamerscore and game achievements can be accessed anytime, during any task on the Xbox 360, as can any other player's. The PS3 Trophies can only be viewed by exiting a game and then selecting PSHome."

is blatantly false. Not even going to read the rest of this useless, baseless, inaccurate article.

SG-172612d ago

I stopped reading there too.

PeZuS2613d ago

Coming up: Why articles are inferior to everything else

secksi-killer2613d ago

what a load of crap, they are both the same, and both as meaningless.

Nathaniel_Drake2613d ago

Some person put this together because they felt bad with the other article that came out stating actual plausible reasons trophies were better, nice try though

secksi-killer2612d ago

please remove the fanboyism from the thread