Go Gold For $1 - Microsoft's Limited Time Offer: Upgrade Your Xbox Live Subscription For $1

Yes, you read that right! For a limited time only Microsoft is offering ANY and ALL of their Xbox Live Subscribers the chance to upgrade from the "Xbox Silver" subscription to a full fledged "Xbox Gold" membership for only $1.00! That's right, a bona fide 1-Month of Gold for one buck, that's an $8 dollar value for the same price of a Whopper Jr. w/o cheese! And in case you're wondering yes, it's a FULL MEMBERSHIP meaning for just one smackaroo you get EVERYTHING that comes with the subcription; online multiplayer modes, exclusive downloads and demos and much more!

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basicsameh5142946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

if you subscribe online always remember to cancel it before it renews takes only 1 minute back then we had to call ms :( now you can just do it online but its a good deal 30 days for a dollar

edit: this article is wrong you can cancel it online major nelson posted it on this website

AAACE52946d ago

I don't really like giving my credit card info to anything! Especially when they may charge you before the deadline.

The main draw of this is to get people to put their credit card info in! And the same will probably happen with the upcoming family membership plan. They want dear old dad to put that number in while the wife and kids go nuts buying stuff!

I'd rather buy the cards and save the headache...

Bnet3432946d ago

The article is wrong. You don't need to call Microsoft, you can cancel online.

Tricksy2946d ago

How is this news?

Its an f-ing advertisement.

Way to go N4G

Rainstorm812946d ago

They have been doing this for awhile, but as a gold member i wish i didnt have to see it everytime i get online, i could understand if my subscription was about to end,

"heres a month for a dollar" I Dont care! i have like 7 months left!

I wish you could choose what tabs you see on XBL.

ECM0NEY2946d ago

i think its under settings im not sure. i have customized my dashboard for sure.

8800gtx2946d ago

It's a rip off to be buying dated hardware at current prices. Your logic doesnt compute.


Michael-Jackson2946d ago

laugh out loud and rolling on the floor laughing...

thewhoopimen2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

I find that credit card pulling, instant auto-renew pretty sleazy. Can't there be just some honest-to-goodness $1 try out periods with maybe a company requesting for your contact info to followup after? Is that such a far out concept?

Why does everything MS do have a catch?

Bnet3432946d ago

Dude, you can turn the auto-renewal off. Stop complaining when there is a solution. You're like the people that complain about jerks on Xbox Live annoying you when you can easily mute them, yet you complain anyway lol .

PWNER2946d ago

Even a Netflix free trial will auto-renew it self :P. Calm down.

-MD-2946d ago

It's a rip off if you're poor I suppose.

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SupaGamer2946d ago

"HOWEVER, you had better mark that 30-Days from now on your calendar, because after the your 1-Month runs up (at 12 AM), Microsoft will AUTOMATICALLY bill your card for a SECOND MONTH at the full price value of $8 and change. The only way to avoid this is by canceling your subscription BEFORE the 1-Month has expired. "

basicsameh5142946d ago

lol another funny part about ms if you wanna cancel it they offer you 1600 to not cancel it

GameOn2946d ago

They never offered me that when I cancelled on friday. I was hoping they would offer me another month for £1, but nothing.

Rashonality2946d ago

just give them you credit card number and your personal information
the same deal was on the European store
there was a note at the bottom "i can see the article poster is trying to delete it" after you subscribe they well automatically renew your subscription after the one month for the full price

pinkyxyz2946d ago

soooo someone explain to me again why we pay 50 bucks a year to have the RIGHT to purchase more products on xbox live?

basicsameh5142946d ago

its only for silver members and for only 1 month they dont do this deal often its a way to get the silver member freeloaders to play xbl

dirthurts2946d ago

With a silver pass. Gold just gives you the ability to play online, get demos early, and I think Netflix.

dizzleK2946d ago

*mr burns voice* i'd rather have the dollar.

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