More people attended E3 through Home than real life

Sony's found one way to get PS3 owners into its free virtual social service, Home - by launching an E3 booth in it.

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NastyLeftHook2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

damn! deleated home for memory cause i have a 40 gig. wish i was there, sounded soo sun. ;)

zootang2760d ago

I was there there checking the place out. Seeing if i could spot KB

ChozenWoan2760d ago

when Sony had E3 on Home as well.

Anyway it just has to be said, and being from Kansas I should be the one to say it...

There's no place like Home.
There's no place like Home.
There's no place like Home.


pimpmaster2760d ago

dude that area was flippin boring. there were just 7 game trailers.

krauley2760d ago

i had ps3 home going, live streams on my pc and g4tv going at the same time. to me there is no bad way to find out whats going down @ E3.

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horrorcaust2760d ago

And pretty obvious. More people have possibility to connect PS3 to net than travel to Los Angeles...

AAACE52760d ago

That was a clever idea on Sony's part! Who would have thought to do something like that? Sony means business!

T9X692761d ago

To bad the E3 Home version was cool for about 5 min of walking around, trying to view a trailer took forever to load so you was better off just downloading it from the Playstation store. Wasn't very impressed with it at all.

Shmotz2761d ago

You either got on on busy server hours or your internet connection wasnt working properly.

My trailers loaded up in a matter of seconds.

Greywulf2761d ago

people really need to stop blaming home problems on their garbage ass 2400 baud per second modem dialing up through prodigy.

worked fine.

atticus142760d ago

My trailers never loaded properly either for the most part but after about 10 minutes of blank screen i still got my credit and just watched the stuff on gametrailers. It also lost connection a lot, looks like they underestimated the popularity of it.

I really like "Home" but typically theres not too much of a reason to go there just for the heck of it, but I can only imagine Sony will eventually turn Home into a true game that uses the avaters... and it might just be the greatest thing made for the PS3 yet. I truly expect a slew of home games from FPS to kart racing.

nickjkl2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

10 minutes wow you guys need some new internets my trailers downloaded in less than 40 seconds

and i was on a few hours after e3 because the playstation home was under maintenance

darkdoom30002760d ago

Yeah, trailers for me loaded really fast, which is weird, considering vids usually take a min or so to load.

Redempteur2760d ago

and that where you fail ; you didn't check the place correctly ..there were prizes hidden that you can only got if you stay in the VIP area more than 5 minutes .
i for myself got 2 costumes 5 accessories et 4 furniture ( free ) for my private spaces ..

IF only you stayed you'll be more impressed i think

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SynysteR2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Some people are just never satisfied..

Chubear2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

.. only if it's looks like a PS3 exclusive in anyway.

HAZE2007 Jan - "It may be 360 exclusive" YAY!!!! DAY ONE!

HAZE2007 May - "Haze is multiplatform" Meh, We'll still put it on our 360 upcoming awesome games list we throw around on forums

HAZE2007 Nov - "HAZE is now PS3 exclusive" BOOOOO, WORST GAME EVA!!!!!!

lol, funny how that works out :D

Great the Sony has this FEATURE for it's fanbase. That's foresight for ya and we all know the E3 space will get better and better as the years and gens go by (can't even imagine the awesomeness of a 3-4th yr PS4 HOME :o lol )

Next year's E3 in HOME will be even bigger and better. Great stuff cause it help make up for all the gaming sites that ran so snail slow during E3.

Innovation, keep 'em coming Sony. Let the haters hate, we'll keep on gaming woot! lol

Colonel-Killzone2761d ago

Seems cool for the people who wasn't able to be there.

garos822760d ago

playstation- it only does talking you to e3!

badz1492760d ago

I talk to a bunch of people about games and trailer and then some random chick (using chick avatar) gave me the code for MOVE! haha...nice

cobraagent2760d ago

Only people in America(especially California) could attend the real E3. For all gamers in Europe, Asia and Australia the closest thing to e3 was home

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