Website Preys On Lazy Gamers Promising Playful Job With Free Soda

Ripten writes: Do you want to make $150 a day doing nothing but playing video games and drinking soda, regardless of a college education? Well do ya, punk!?

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FrankDaTank2941d ago

whoahh!! you mean to tell me there's a job out there with the potential to earn the sky/per hour!?!? and free soda?!!?

Redempteur2941d ago

if only that was orange juice ......

HarryM2941d ago

I've seen scams like these before. Nice article.

gynecologistcobra2941d ago

Lazy people are the new hard-working businessmen!

FrankDaTank2941d ago

and ... they apparently get jobs with free soda.

Rashonality2941d ago

that's just......sad
enough said

ckbarnett2941d ago

it better dr pepper or their dead mother fuckers

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The story is too old to be commented.