Nintendo wins biggest share of E3 web traffic

Dave Rudden of GamePro writes: "In terms of capturing consumer attention, Nintendo was unquestionably the winner of E3 2010, leaving Microsoft's Kinect and PlayStation Move in its dust. The company grabbed the largest share of the audience at 16 per cent, moving it up from second place finish after E3 2009.

A big factor in Nintendo's web dominance at E3, besides the debut of the 3DS, was the unveiling of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Sony, on the other hand, had very little web presence in terms of its exclusives, as PlayStation Move rounded out the top ten traffic-getters. ."

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SixZeroFour2886d ago

i hear that nintendo "won" e3 (hate that term) but what did they show?...i only followed sony and xbox news

Seferoth752886d ago

Here is a small taste. It wasnt 4 year old tech that another console had first.

SixZeroFour2885d ago

wtf, i get disagrees for wondering what nintendo showed? thats n4g users for you

csimpson2886d ago

I find Nintendo's purported Web traffic win very strange. If N4G is any benchmark, most people look at Xbox and PS3 stuff online (they always get the most temperature). So how did Nintendo get more traffic for E3??

Penno2886d ago

Nintendo does have its hardcore fans. Thing is, they're only interested in Mario and Zelda, so they don't spend much time on N4G.

ChickeyCantor2886d ago

Kinda ignorant, aren't we?

Titanz2886d ago

Most gamers own at least two systems, and the majority of the choices are, Sony/Wii? 360/Wii?
You could get a PS3/360 but... wouldn't that defeat the purpose of owning an HD console?

Even if your a "one console owner", PS3 or 360 is generally all you need when you want to get an HD system, buying both is just selfish(imo).

Nintendo exclusive's are the ish-nic.

Nugundam00792886d ago

I own all 3 so I can get an all round experience not only that I get to play awesome titles that I otherwise would have missed out on.

Titanz2885d ago

Owning all three consoles would be great! But I'm happy with the few I have at the moment.