Pokemon Black White Japanese Trailer and release date announced

Pokemon Black & White has had a general September date for some months now. Today, thanks to the weekly Pokemon Sunday broadcast, we have a final date.

As part of its regular Black & White information corner, the show revealed a September 18 release date for the game -- a Saturday, as is typical of the series. It did not provide pricing.

The show also showed the game's latest video footage, in the form of a partial trailer with the key word of "Awaken." This trailer consisted of lots of little gameplay bits showing the main characters running about town. Earlier parts of the Black & White segment showed some new battle footage. The trailer will continue TV Tokyo's Ohasuta Monday morning at 6:45.

The Black & White official site was also updated with the release date. The video footage will presumably be shared in a future update.

While the game is not due for release until September, Pokemon Co. has announced plans for a demo tour to kick off in August. Details will be sh...

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