Jun Takeuchi Confirms No Resident Evil 6 Role

Andriasang: Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi suggested in overseas interviews earlier this year that he wouldn't be involved in Resident Evil 6's production. In an interview about Lost Planet 2 posted Saturday at 4Gamer, he made this clear.

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scofios2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

That's for the better .
Now only thing that still needs to happen is that idiot Keiji Inafune to get lost .
Then we might get a worthy re6.

jc485732824d ago

needs to work on the next Onimusha game or something similar.

scofios2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

He needs to go back to his megaman series that's where he belongs .
Or the next Onimusha game like you said .

Son_Lee2824d ago

Thank goodness. Co-op ruined it for me, it should be implemented better, stupid story as well. Too much action. Give me RE2-3 in an RE4 style and I'd be happy.

user8586212824d ago


agreed, thought wesker deserved a better death, and the story was just too predictable

ThanatosDMC2824d ago

I hated that he actually died. Also, pissed off at how his super abilities failed against Chris' super steroid body... i mean, wtf?!

Wesker can teleport, has super strength, regenerative powers, dodge bullets, etc.

Chris is on steroids. Guess, having bulkier muscles mean you're superior to a super human?

MorganX2824d ago

I hated RE5, until I got the hang of the controls. They could still be improved but once you get the hang of them the game is quite good. Yes, it's action, but that's what I liked. It was a good episode.

I disagree about the co-op. I though it was one of the best co-op implementations to date.

I actually like the Lost in Nightmares DLC quite a bit as well. Would love to see an HD remake of R1 for PS3.

It's not easy evolving a Zombie franchise, I mean, after a while killin' zombies will get old. Do we really need a L4D3? I'm not a fan of all the mega-Virus-Zombie boss' but it works. It's better than all the movies. The Jill Valentine cut scenes and boards were the best IMO. The Wesker ones the worst.

dinkeldinkse2824d ago

My biggest problems were Sheva and that horrible final fight with Wesker.

osamaq2824d ago

Re 1-2-3 feel and story in same Re4 style of action would be amazing, that's what am talking about for so long

Snoogins2824d ago

RE5, though fun and a game I sunk over 100 hours into, had a lot of things I didn't like, and co-op wasn't one of them. The out-dated tank controls, level design, story and lack of scare factor are what made this the weaker of the series. I DO NOT like Jun Takeuchi; he's not even a poor-man's Mikami and all of his games show his lack of vision. Capcom should consider rebooting the series and outsourcing the game to Platinum Games or Mikami's new studio. For the love of God, don't make this series Western.

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MehmetAlperTR2824d ago

Thanks to Allah he s not doing it. He just screwed up with Res 5. No fear no puzzles no RESIDENT EVIL.. the game just became an action title. not anymoore.. sigh.. We want old dark, fear, evil resident with puzzles.

scofios2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Amen to that .
Those idiots have taken everything out that made the resident evil franchise great ,
no puzzels , no save room , the game was set in daytime who the f#$ck get scared during the day ?
no scary enemy aka crimson heads , regenerators ,ect, ect,  no scary atmoshere , and so on .

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