False alarm: Target's not giving up on HD DVD

As noted on Engadget HD the other day, and further clarified by Major Nelson this morning, that story about Target going exclusively Blu-ray was false. Turns out they're just installing Blu-ray aisle end caps, thanks to a new promotional deal with Sony, but HD DVD isn't going anywhere.

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power of Green 3646d ago

You can't really trust and news with a hint of agenda behind it. HD-DVD will take off and Studios will follow.

xfrgtr3646d ago

I don't think so the new Nielsen numbers are out. Here are the numbers for the last 5 weeks.

Week 7/22: BD 74, HD 26 YTD: BD 67, HD 33 SI: BD 60, HD 40
Week 7/15: BD 61, HD 39 YTD: BD 67, HD 33 SI: BD 60, HD 40
Week 7/08: BD 66, HD 34 YTD: BD 67, HD 33 SI: BD 60, HD 40
Week 7/01: BD 65, HD 35 YTD: BD 67, HD 33 SI: BD 60, HD 40
Week 6/24: BD 70, HD 30 YTD: BD 67, HD 33 SI: BD 59, HD 41

There was an increase of 13% for BD since last week. No change In Year to Date or Since Inception numbers

ITR3646d ago

Well I said it before, it looks to be a Sony promo for X'mas. Target does deals like this every X'mas.

Lord Anubis3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

This has been posted before, however, I can't find the link.

in the originial story submitted to this website it never said target had given up on HD-DVD.

ITR3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

But it said it was being promoted over HD which isn't the case.
Sony and Target do deals like this every qtr.
MS and Nintendo do similar dealings, but just not as frequent as Sony.

Basically, if we don't put up the end-caps by Sony's deadline and to their specifications...our specific store gets fined and is charged for all product they sent for that end-cap. I've spent a many hr working on Sony end-caps at our Super Target. Ask any Target Elec Dept Manager(TL) and he/she will tell you the same. We bend over backwards to please Sony reps.

If the TL isn't doing the end-caps some Elec Specialist is doing it.

ImTheNumber123646d ago

We just stocked 300 for hd and br at our target. Does anyone know the official release date for that movie?

tethered3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

The 31st on DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-ray.

I plan on picking it up on Blu-ray to watch on my PS3.

cdzie13646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

I'll be picking up the best version available... on HD DVD.

More special features on the HD DVD version.
Web based features on the HD DVD version.
Better review scores for the HD DVD version.

ITR3646d ago

I'm picking up the HD DVD/DVD combo disc.

Lord Anubis3646d ago

I'm getting the blu-ray version :P

hazeblaze3646d ago

I'll be picking up the version that won't be irrelevant in another year or two.... Blu Ray.

Tsalagi3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

I'm getting the VHS version. :P

Auron3646d ago

Lets see I can get it for DVD, HD DVD or blu-ray hmmm choices, choices.

xbox360migs3646d ago

Got and watched it on HD DVD! great film and just like the reviews suggest.. it has the extra features which are not included on the blu-ray, Bet it sucks not having that java thing sorted properly!

WilliamRLBaker3646d ago

like ITR im picking up combo ill get an hd dvd player or 360 addon when they are cheap most hd dvds ive seen are combos which is smart, and the hd dvd version got better reviews for visual quality and extras.

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HeavyweightInTheGame3646d ago

I seriously think it would be sweet if the Falcon 360 came out with HD-DVD built in. Sales would skyrocket. I would trade in my 360 for one in an instant. There you go. I more person on the HD-DVD train. And I'm sure that many will follow. Sucks it'll probably never happen tho.

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