GamerNode: Brink Hands-On Preview

Bethesda and Splash Damage were fully aware of the staggering amount of FPS titles going into E3 2010, and especially those with a focus on emotive single-player experiences. Brink is their FPS antithesis to the popular movements in the genre. The gunplay feels like Fallout 3, the movement like Mirror's Edge, the customization of Army of Two, and multiplayer objectives like Timesplitters 2. Mix it all together and you have the fluid single to multiplayer experience that is Brink.

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earbus2765d ago

The trailer is very nice i wonder if anyone from fasa studio worked on this reminds me of the last shadowrun brink has caught my attention.

MysticStrummer2765d ago

This game shows a ton of potential. Killzone 3 looks great and all, but I am looking forward to Brink and Portal 2 more. Deus Ex is another one that has my interest, but I haven't seen any gameplay for it. I'm just not a fan of the typical FPS, no matter what it looks like.