Rumor Killers: Kinect Costs $150, 3DS 3D Video Chat, and FF Versus XIII on 360

The biggest questions of the week following E3 surround peripheral pricing, kids getting in on video chats, and of course the battle for FF exclusivity.

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stonecold12886d ago

never be on xbox 360 and it cant be done because nomura is going further with the graphics and the 360 cant handle unless its going to be watered down and i dont think nomura will be happy end statement

AAACE52885d ago

OK, i'll play along! FFXIII should stay exclusive to Ps3 because they would have to cut it down to fit on the 360... Did I say it right fanboys?

Got a surprise for you... I gotta make you feel insecure again!


The new 360 is kinda like a trojan horse! MS put that wireless N in place for a reason, and that was so you can download bigger files in quicker times!

Ps3 owners are used to leaving their console turned on to download stuff. But the 360 has low power mode. Meaning you click all the stuff you want to download, turn your system off and go to bed or work or whatever you want to do. When you turn it on, all of your stuff is downloaded!

They put that 250 Gb HDD in there for a reason. It's been known for a while that MS wants to move to more digitally distributed sales. They have been testing this out with their games on demand service. They will eventually release new games on this service in order to beat "On Live" to the punch!

Several developers have stated that the Ps3 and 360 are similar in power! The Ps3's main advantage is it's blu-ray capacity! Downloading to the HDD can eliminate this problem and take away the extra time to port it.

Do you remember, SE didn't really show us a lot of FFXIII at first? Then after it was announced for 360, all kinds of stuff started being shown! This could be a sign. SE hasn't shown a whole lot of Versus!

Just kidding! I doubt that they are anywhere near ready to take on a game that big as a download. More than likely, it won't come to 360! I just had to get some of you guys nervous! Now hopefully we can leave this alone!

I wonder how many people will hit disagree before they realize I was joking? Hell, they'll probably try taking my bubbles as well... have a heart people!

Gene2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

They have shown screenshots and it says ps3 on them so how do you confirm it's going to the 360 do you have screenshots no did the developer ever talk about the 360 no is the engine different from 13 yes.
The stuff that nomura said that are in the game has never been done before I can see why 360 owners want this game bad.

eggbert2886d ago

more speculation articles. Though they might tout themselves as rumorkillers, these are just speculations.

Newtype2886d ago

XIV is the start of it.

Rashonality2885d ago

no honey
FFXI was even before XIII on the 360 so it's not a surprise to see XIV on the 360

jneul2885d ago

there was a recent article that said SE could not come to an agreement over the whole xlive issue and the fact that MS want to keep it closed on their side, so SE is not bringing it to x360 sorry, wheras psn is open benfits to having ps3 are showing up now.

Nike2886d ago

From the article: "Final Fantasy Versus XIII going to 360? Uhhhh...maybe? xD"

Nice way to answer. :P

ps3rider2886d ago

you know what.

they know its not comming but they still wanted to say maybe hehehe

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The story is too old to be commented.