I'm Not Happy With PS3's Firmware Updates

Ironstar: Let's be honest, how many PS3 firmware updates has left us satisfied? Not many.

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Godmars2902916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Every update has to be a major re-work or something? Has to deliver a freaking orgasm every time?

Bad enough people expect PSN to be as good if not better than XBL yet remain free.

knight6262916d ago

lame article guys opinion no need to listen just move on

other than that PSN is free no need to be happy for every update they have if u dont want to update then just play offline

PoSTedUP2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

yeah i am unhappy with the firmware updates, i just wish the ps3's online service went back to having nothing and just stayed there. O_o

i also wish the little updates never occurred so the big updates could never have happened.

man i hate my ps3 and the inexistent progress it has made.... XD

and whats with this next FW update? it includes more improvements!? what a disgrace!! abomination! abomination i tell ya!!

edit: hmm i turned the "quality filter" on on n4g, and this article just disappeared. strange...

WildArmed2916d ago

lol exactly.
If it weren't for fw updates, we'd still have no ingame XMB.

Quite your whining woman!

Know when you've got good deal in ur hand before bitching!

TheBlackSmoke2916d ago

Lol since when was a FW update supposed to be about owing you new features. Its at sonys discretion whether or not they add features and anyway if you compare psn from 2008 to the current psn, its like night and day.... must be one of those late slim adopters...

ChozenWoan2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I can understand they want to keep some things secret till developers can implement them, but at least they could tell us in detail about the features we can use day 1.

We just want more info about what is interrupting our gaming time.

Spenok2915d ago

PosTedUP said it all for me, just read his comment.

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pimpmaster2916d ago

well its true now that i think of it. FW updates on ps3 never do anything immediately , its later that publishers take advantage of it that we see it put to use. in game music for example almost no game uses it and yet when it came out we were all like OMG in game music finnaly!!! then dissapointment followed. trophies the same thing,for the first 6mo-1 year almost no games had trophies aftert the patch.

deadreckoning6662916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I'm no PS3 fanboy..but I like ALL PS3 firmware updates regardless if they are big or small changes. Its free man, how can you complain?

Of course I would like to see more multitasking on the PS3. Heck, I can't change my theme or sound settings while in-game or while using the Internet Browser. But, I'm sure multitasking will come to the PS3 eventually.

nycredude2915d ago

So let me get this straight. You are playing red dead redemption, about 8 hours into the current session and all of a sudden you have the urge to change your theme? WTF?

I love improvements, especially free, but I'd rather they spent time and resources on options I would actually need or want to use.

Dee_912916d ago

he mad they havent added cross game chat yet :/

Marceles2916d ago

I don't mind the updates, I just want more info other than "increased performance and compatibility for PS3 games", or whatever they always write. As well as the hidden features that always pop up that they don't post.

Greywulf2916d ago

But they can't update their sales to get them out of dead last.

badz1492916d ago

ding ding troll of the day!

n4gno2916d ago

the troll greywulf forget that ps3 killed xbox in term of sales (and others) this years (and others) ! more than 1 millions worldwide : bammm.

Anorexorcist2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

whose partialised squawking and wailing over free PS3 updates was seen by a flamebait contributer on N4G and was submitted and approved.

Yet in comparison, how much bellyaching do you see about Microsofts ridiculous decision to create and charge for another proprietary harddrive for the new Xbox 360 S? Not much.

Yep, this is just another day in the N4G neighborhood.

atticus142916d ago

This is hilarious. Who makes an article about this??? Oh, must be a fanboy with nothing to look forward to on his own console.

Parapraxis2916d ago

"I'm Not Happy With PS3's Firmware Updates"
Well boo f**king hoo

tinybigman2916d ago

don't bother me much, i have bigger things to worry about in my life.

Christopher2915d ago

Every single update is a winner in my book. It's the ignorant masses that don't understand each update contains updates that will improve upcoming games by including specific code for them.

But, who am I kidding? This is the generation of entitlement, where people think they should get something all the time, just for living and breathing.

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sloth33952916d ago

i havent had any problems with the updates they usually add more stuff or fix problems just some people like to complain all the time

SpLinT2916d ago

how a bout u go back to quitting your game session to text chat, phaggot article

Awookie2916d ago

Then play offline and stfu

lpfisher2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I'm not happy with this writer's grammar.

*edit- What's there to disagree with? It's a poorly written article.