The most beautiful Kingdom Hearts Medley


"Hello World!

I’m Sebastian Wolff, and I arrange and perform video game music. I’ll be your host for the Weekly Game Concert here on DAMNLAG, where you can listen to weekly video game songs and medleys. You can expect a weekly performance, right here, every Tuesday.

Chances are you’ve seen me around. I’ve created a few medleys on YouTube. Here’s the one that started everything:"

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Obnysalt2401d ago

Why are you playing this stupid real piano when Rock Band is coming out with a piano peripheral?

knight6262401d ago

iam sorry but how is this news? who approves this stuff?

alldayeveryday2401d ago ShowReplies(3)
Valay2401d ago

I've always loved the music in this series.

FlyWestbrook2401d ago

That's a damn good pianist.

giantchicken2401d ago

17 minutes of pure watchable goodness.

Spenok2400d ago

Agreed, this guy is amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.