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The most beautiful Kingdom Hearts Medley


"Hello World!

I’m Sebastian Wolff, and I arrange and perform video game music. I’ll be your host for the Weekly Game Concert here on DAMNLAG, where you can listen to weekly video game songs and medleys. You can expect a weekly performance, right here, every Tuesday.

Chances are you’ve seen me around. I’ve created a few medleys on YouTube. Here’s the one that started everything:" (Culture)

Obnysalt  +   1858d ago
Why are you playing this stupid real piano when Rock Band is coming out with a piano peripheral?
knight626  +   1858d ago
iam sorry but how is this news? who approves this stuff?
alldayeveryday   1858d ago | Spam
Valay  +   1858d ago
I've always loved the music in this series.
FlyWestbrook  +   1858d ago
That's a damn good pianist.
giantchicken  +   1858d ago
17 minutes of pure watchable goodness.
Spenok  +   1857d ago
Agreed, this guy is amazing.
snowb420  +   1858d ago
I want to play Kingdom Hearts now...
Jeff-Ryan  +   1858d ago
Fuck you man
This is gaming news, not some fucking music concert.
gano  +   1858d ago
Hollow sabastion was serious.
colonel179  +   1858d ago
For me, Kingdom Hearts Series have the most beautiful music in a game.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1858d ago
There are just too many great scores out there.

I'm obsessed with James Newton Howard right now.
rezzah  +   1858d ago
One of the most epic games of all time....beautiful music.
Davoh  +   1858d ago
That brought a tear to my eye, such fond memories of kh, one of my all time favourite series
netetader14   1857d ago | Spam

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