Top Ten Greatest Firmware Updates

In a day and age where almost all electronic devices are in some way connected to the Internet, firmware updates for our mobile phones, music players and gaming consoles are regular and expected. With our high-speed connections and greed for new technology, updating our system software is exciting, and each brings the possibility of great new features, assuming they’re not simple bug fixes or anti-piracy measures.

Looking through the history of today’s devices, we’ve picked the top ten greatest firmware updates of all time, and ask you the simple – yet eye-opening – question: where were you when they were released? (PS. Yes, this article was largely written in response to’s “The Top Ten Gaming Top Tens That No One Will Ever Click On”, sue me.)

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Cheeseknight282945d ago

Really? Top 10 Firmware updates?

I don't mind a top 10 now and then, but FIRMWARE? Are blogs simply out of any decent ideas?

ShiNe-Box-2945d ago

They pretty much are. As far as blogs/journalism goes, the weeks following E3 month are the most boring of the year.

TooTall192945d ago

I bet I'm not the only one who laughed at the article.

Anon73492945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

They actually made a top 10 firmware list...

If I click on this, does it make the previous article a dirty, filthy, nasty, evil liar?

(Honestly I would be much more interested in an article that had the top 10 loveliest progress bars, top 10 clocks in games or top 10 best/creative save points.)

BX812945d ago

Jesus let's get it semi right the 1st time. If you gotta do 10 updates then something is wrong as hell. Yes I'm also looking at you Gears 2!

BannedForNineYears2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

There was an article called "Top top 10 articles no one will read".
This was one them.

duplissi2945d ago


i didnt expect someone to make one of them...

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The story is too old to be commented.