XBLA Fans: Risk: Factions Review

"Classic card and board games like Carcassonne, Catan and Uno have fared well on XBLA. Using the Xbox’s awesome online infrastructure and large user base has given these games new life and a constant stream of people willing to play the game together.

Risk: Factions is the latest board game to make the transition to XBLA, and the final product is very good. For those who don’t know, R:F is a turn-based strategy game that features five warring factions: Humans, Cats, Zombies, Robots and Yetis. Players are given a fictional continent to fight over, with the purpose of expanding your own territory while taking over your enemy’s territory and capturing objectives. Dice rolls determine the outcome of a battle, so each one comes down to more chance than raw skill."

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Clumzyagent2947d ago

Risk is one of my favorite games to play with my room mates. I'm glad this is getting some great buzz. Now I can dominate my room mates without having to see their faces!

cain1412947d ago

Our problem is how long games take. Nice having a shorter, quicker option...

thegamereviews2947d ago

Very well done game, multi-player is done very well.

cain1412947d ago

Only problem I have is how dumb people can be, but haha that's not EA's fault and that happens in any game of risk even with just the board game...