E3: TERA Demo Walkthrough

RPGSite goes hands-on with this upcoming MMO at the closed booth demo at E3 2010.

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2915d ago
Chris3992914d ago

All signs point to it being what Aion should have been. It has an Eastern design, but everything is being catered toward a Western audience.

Darkfiber2914d ago

Girls are too slutty even for my tastes. It's just straight up shady. I wouldn't even be comfortable playing this in front of other people, it would be like someone walking in on you masturbating in the closet, it's just embarrassing. Too bad, the game has potential but they chose to ruin it by catering to the lowest form of fat human scum known as the American 18-40 male.

UFFZack2914d ago

You mean... the majority gaming market? There's only a couple races that are like that, and when zoomed out, you can't even tell. Really, the game is amazingly detailed. Hopefully an open beta will come soon.