The 3rd Birthday to become a series?

"Responding to an interview with Famitsu, The 3rd Birthday development staff hinted that they hope to turn the game into a series. Producer Yoshinori Kitase (also producer of Final Fantasy XIII) said to the magazine, "We ask for your support so that this title can be the starting point for a new series."

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Canary2762d ago

On the one hand, I love it when good games spawn subsequent games (you know, "true" sequels). On the other hand, I really hate the recent trend of *planning* sequels. It just seems like an excuse to release half-done products, while simultaneously forcing players to pay more for incomplete products.

I first remember it happening with the .hack games--I thought to myself, who would spend $200 to play a single game? Even .hack//GU was the same (albeit awesome). It was very clearly a single game arbitrarily divided into three parts, in a shameless attempt to siphon more money away from us unwitting consumers.

Though it's far less blatant than the .hack games, I view the "planned trilogies" of recent years as equally offensive. God of War II. Asssassin's Creed. Mass Effect.

Eh... but I guess I'm talking to the wind here, as this is a marketing tactic that evidently works very well.

Reibooi2762d ago

While I agree what was done with the .Hack series was shameless I don't agree with the rest of the games you listed.

Mass Effect, God of War and Assassin's Creed were all HUGE finished games. There would have been no way they could have combined them and sold them as a single game. Hence the planned trilogy.

Planning a trilogy is a good idea in my opinion as it helps to plan ahead in terms of the story and if something game play wise doesn't work in one game you can revise in the next like they did with the shooting mechanic in Mass Effect.

I for one would LOVE a Parasite eve on going series. I was always annoyed that the series disappeared for so long as it was one of the better series on the PSone but it's nice to see it coming back. I hope it sells real well.

BlackIceJoe2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

I would be all for more Parasite Eve games. I have enjoyed the first two. So I hope SE brings out more. I also hope SE has plans to bring Parasite Eve 1 & 2 out as download games. I so hope the Third Birthday will get lots of game sales so that there can be more games in the Parasite Eve series.

skip2mylou2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

instead of downloadable why not make it a PS3 Classic HD??? but geez im glad i have my Parasite eves in perfect condition looked up the price of what the game is running for and the highest i found was 150 and lowest i found for it is 30

Godmars2902762d ago

Think I'd like the idea better if they re-issued Eve 1 & 2.

darthdevidem012762d ago

Namco own the name Parasite Eve or something.

Newtype2762d ago

Namco doesn't own Parasite Eve.

coolman2292762d ago

I would laugh if this was ported to the 3DS

emk20042762d ago

that parasite eve was already a series. idk but hey they are great games parasite eve was my favorite horror game up till dead space.

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