Pokemon Black/White trailer, Japanese release date announced

The first official (short) Pokemon Black/White trailer has been released, and the release dates for the two versions have been announced.

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GamingForever2946d ago

pokemon is the same thing over and over.. better have something new...

LtSkittles2946d ago

Well, it have new pokemon, so there's that.

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20thPaul2946d ago

Yaaa seriously fu, pokemon iz da best matha fukin shiz eva, why u wantin to chang it and all dat? Yo dat aint be cool! were u comin from anyhow?????

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-Mezzo-2946d ago

Agreed, i hope it something new this time.

Valay2946d ago

This is actually the most "different" Pokemon has been in awhile. More use of "3D" environments, new Pokemon, general gameplay changes, changes in battle camera views, etc.

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The story is too old to be commented.