The Highest Trophy Score In The World

Even though trophies only launched in July 2008, some people have been, a little OCD with them. Here is the largest Trophy Score in the world.

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Oldsnake0072613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

he bought the same game from different regions US,Europe, Asia (Batman AA, Fallout 3 and many more )just for Trophies.


blackbeld2613d ago


This guy is Trophy addict!

finbars752613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

I noticed that.He has doubles of alot of games and if you look at the times he was playing most of games and earning trophys at the same time???? A little strange wouldnt you think.Sorry but he is not legit at all when im looking at multiple trophys he earned are at the exact time on the exact day.Can you say cheating asshole.Take the trophy away and give it to someone who actually earned it.Oh and I want to Apologize to the people That I said where sad for playing games and not having any ambition in life.At least your legit people unlike this screwball taking credit for soemthing he obvisouly had help with.

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jjohan352613d ago

When you earn trophies, does the posted time/date reflect when the trophies get synchronized or when they're saved on your PS3? Because if it's the former, then maybe its the synchronization issue.


When you sync your trophies, the date/time that is posted is the date/time that you earned them. So, yeah, this guy is a cheater/hacker.

BTW, I'm level 13 with 15 platinums. Just got my 15th yesterday for GoW and I'm about to get GoW 2's Platinum tomorrow.

FarEastOrient2613d ago

@Fury Unleashed

Man you are making me look bad, I only have 6 Plats out of 907 trophies total... :(

II Necroplasm II2612d ago

Having all those plats, it would be worth being a virgin.

ThanatosDMC2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Wow, what a sad trophy whore! Yep, im one of those that dont care about trophies... I wonder if he even plays games to just play them for fun and what not... it doesnt seem so.

Also, the multiple trophies is possible if you have two different versions of the game like the imported Chinese(actually full english) version of Demon's Souls and the NA released by Atlus Demon's Souls.

Holy shit! That's a lot of plats! I dont even have one... bastard.

NecrumSlavery2612d ago

Thinking about it, I think it's actually 5 PS3s using this account to get all those trophies. So many people can collectively get them all. But many of these are hard as hell to get. Lots of shovelware and lots of core games too. I feel like my 4 plats and 850+ trophies are a speck in the universe that is the PSN.

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FACTUAL evidence2613d ago

He even said so in one of his youtube videos, he plays for the trophies, he doesn't enjoy all the games he plays. Kind of sad...think this guy has OCD for trophies or something.

shoddy2613d ago

I consider myself as a gamer but I only got 300 trophies, only one platinum from GOW3.

I don't spend that much time playing video games.

you play that many games you are a true gamer.

gtamike2613d ago

I've got one platinum and thats for Tekken 6.

Prototype2613d ago

My only plat is Terminator Salvation, and I felt dirty getting it

Krimmson2613d ago

"Shut up and shoot Angie!"

If that quote wasn't burned into your memory then you definitely didn't have much trouble with the game.

Prototype2613d ago

Yes I heard that at least 20+ times in one mission, got to the point I played music from my notebook I got so sick of it

itsralf2612d ago

Mad props. I officially gave-up on getting it once I got the the Nightmare Train level...

Man In Black2612d ago

Pissed me off, with the ridiculous amount of enemies. Got lucky eventually, using the minigun to knock Devil Jin off the train.

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talltony2613d ago

18 platinums and I think that's alot.

scofios2613d ago

Wow he even got platinium on demon souls .


I one trophy away from platinum Demon's Souls (the damn pure bladestone simply won't drop and no friends with the trophy are playing it so they could lend me a +5 slasher... most don't have it anyway) and I should say, despite this trophy which will come easily for some and never to others, Demon's Souls trophies are easy as cake, supposed you have what it takes to beat the game. It only takes too much time since you really need a good character to kill some NPC BPs.

BYE2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

I don't think Demon's Souls is that difficult as everybody says. It's challenging, yes, you have to study your enemy and play it smart.

And in coop with three people it gets almost too easy.

You wanna get a hard platinum? Try Wipeout HD.

RankFTW2612d ago

Well Demon's Souls is an awesome game, I imported the US version of the game and got Platinum on that and now I'm working on the EU version that came out on Friday, already on my 2nd play through.

jeseth2613d ago

Yeah, Damn with a YE in it!


valanceer2613d ago

Too bad... a good number of his trophies are hacked and he can only really play disney games... ive seen this guy b4 on psn

tawak2613d ago

staying up till 3am just to earn trophy, which isnt real.......................... ..........BUT IS!

CryofSilence2613d ago

Haha! Nice use of a Kevin Butler quote there. :)

tawak2612d ago

yeah man! KB is the man!

PopEmUp2613d ago

what a fucking looser. Get a life lol

Alvadr2612d ago

Better to view his profile on..

Its more up to date and its the official site

tinybigman2612d ago

900+ trophies and I'm lvl 12

BYE2612d ago

There's a lot of guys around, I don't think he play everything himself. It would be too much for one guy.

madmonkey02612d ago

the account is used by loads of different people, on different ps3s, so more than one person has earned the same trophies before syncing,